1.  Zara wool coat, Topshop sweatpants, Asos Boots 2. Cow Vintage silver choker 3. Zara chunky scarf, H&M top, Topshop silver chain bracelet  4.  American Apparel nerd glasses, Cow Vintage USA sweat, Green vintage suede baseball jacket 5.  The Braderie sunglasses 6. Mens silver Casio classic, By Niya mesh bracelet, My Flash Trash cross bracelet 7. Asos Brown boots, American Apparel Socks, Asos A-line skirt 8. Asos cord leggings, Black creepers, Asos coat, Zara oversized scarf, Vintage leather holdall 9.  Topshop chain necklace, Vintage suede baseball jacket



Working girl deserve working girl wallet. Right

It's all about the laser cut. Laser cool

Need these in my life

Almost as amazing and glamorous as the signature Carier bangle but more boy, so we like.

Oh hey rocker sheec.

This is becoming a weekly occurrence, but theres some serious keepers here that just need to be bought already. For starters, those leather meets angora gloves are a killer purchase this winter, plus the sneakers, paired with a nice set of rolled up black trousers equals true class




(Where's the beef  - Stanton Warriors)

Boy it feels good to finally set my eyes on some decent inspo. I have been seriously craving good imagery that reminds me of what I love, what I need and who I am aside from my life at work, boreee. Right now i'm going through the I WANT EVERYTHING stage, where I bounce from site to site saving baskets here there and everywhere. I seriously need to sit down & get that plastic card out to splash some cash.

Not going to lie, but I have hit the shops once or twice the past few weeks to purchase a few winter warmers, hence the toned down vibe of knits, coats and chunky sneakers. Also had a bit of heart throb moment with COS online buying a few pieces of jewellery, a chilled grey tee and and block oversized sweater, which I will get up very soon.



(The Classy Issue, Black is the only colour)

A sound set of inspiration images to keep my style at its best.

 So, pay day arrived like two weeks ago and boy it felt good. But, it's only gone and made me stingier than ever, knowing that the money has come from this job I am doing day in day out, so my shopping trip last weekend was on the sparing side. 

I did manage to pick up a few bits from Zara & new designer love 105 based in Brick Lane before stopping for pizza at its best at Pizza East just off the corner of Shoreditch high street station and opposite BoxPark.

But fashion for thought.. my monochrome & slouch style is in the process of a mild transformation to get it a bit of working girl edge. You were warned!






Monday's are always those annoying, dreaded days at the beginning of the week that remind you of the weekend before & how far away the following Friday is. So, I took a snoop on the COS & found these beauties. I know it looks pretty dull, but I'm pretty sure I can spice it up a bit when I do my photo diaries. 
Here's hoping that the month of October brings me an amazing photographer & a pretty damn good camera. Coz I need to do these garms justice.




Hey y'all, so it's definitely been far too long since I have last posted but, working life is hard ya know! Even more brain picking when you're blogging daily for another brand, my mind is getting all mixed up with what I love & what the brand loves, my style & their style, my tone of voice and cool kid cringe voice I portray for the brand. 

So I have finally found a good night to pick up where I left off in bed on a Sunday night. So for a little bit about what I have been up to aside from work, basically the madness of London Fashion Week took its toll on me and my old age, but not going to lie, it was pretty insane! amazing influencers, mad street style, pardaays & loads of late nights with glasses of wine! 

My amazing street style round-up will be posted in due course, just bare with me while I compose my files which gone wild on my Mac. #TechIssues




(The Beat | Jake Bugg- Man on the moon)

A midnight blend of my classics, black & white for a super luxe yet chilled evening outfit! It's time I realised that my usual slouchy style isn't going to go far in the fashion world of chic fashion people strutting around high in designer. So, here's my shot at working slouch 2.0 for the London world of fashion.

Till next time chics