The work you see before me is real! Yes! it is the ironic photography of Dina Goldstein. Never did I think our much loved (or hated) childhood favourite would find its self being called art, but these humorous and almost genius artworks by Dina have been exposed. 

Dina is a conceptual artist whose background is found in documentary photography. The series of images under the title 'In the Dollhouse' shows the narrative of Barbie and Ken and their life being married. It highlights some significant ideas of the 'normal' marriage for example the difficulties faced, the reality and authenticity plays out  by our perfectly tanned and shaped dolls. 





Sunglassees- The Braderie
 Top- Topshop
 Clutch - & other stories

Enjoying the sun on my way back from a beautiful week in Manchester and Wakefield visiting my uni friend for her twenty-first birthday.  As a Londoner I am going to be honest, but this was as far north as I have ever been and It was a delight. 


I don't know about you all, but I am loving the London weather right now! I will be doing no such complaining. Here in the 311 office in Soho, the windows are wide open to the sound of Denmark streets hip rock 'n' rollers and fans buzzing like the street of New york. Naked sleeping, fresh juices and minimal lights are my summer month favourites.



So I may have not shared my voice with you all in the past, but that is all about to change! I am officially a first class honours graduate in Fashion Marketing and Branding from Nottingham Trent University and I have now moved back home in London to kick start my career in Fashion. I will have plenty of things to share with you all about my style, new internships and the weird and wonderful places I visit in and around London.

To give a bit of background on myself, I have just finished my final year project where I focused on the the conceptualisation of my own brand, The Blank Canvas, which was developed as a sub brand for London's very own Tate Modern.  The Blank Canvas is essentially a living exhibition made up of four rooms: The Zone, The Playroom, The Cocoon and The Wonder Bar. More simply, an exhibition space, relaxation room, cafe and bar. Full Images of my final piece will be in my portfolio (above).

I apologise in advance for my lack of activeness as I have just started my new internship at FACTORY311 as the Marketing and PR Manager, exciting times!

For those of you who aren't aware of 311, they are a creative agency focusing on image production based in Soho with clients such as  Harpers, Nike, GQ, Vogue Russia, Arsenal and many other well known names. Check them out HERE.