Hey y'all, so it's definitely been far too long since I have last posted but, working life is hard ya know! Even more brain picking when you're blogging daily for another brand, my mind is getting all mixed up with what I love & what the brand loves, my style & their style, my tone of voice and cool kid cringe voice I portray for the brand. 

So I have finally found a good night to pick up where I left off in bed on a Sunday night. So for a little bit about what I have been up to aside from work, basically the madness of London Fashion Week took its toll on me and my old age, but not going to lie, it was pretty insane! amazing influencers, mad street style, pardaays & loads of late nights with glasses of wine! 

My amazing street style round-up will be posted in due course, just bare with me while I compose my files which gone wild on my Mac. #TechIssues