Honouring an extraordinary life of a  figure that pretty much killed it in the fashion world & brought so much life and energy to the publications & editorials that she was part of. Isabella Blow is the talk in industry right now, supported by the wonderfully curated exhibition at Somerset house.

After some context known about Isabella Blow, the series of images, film & stories told about such a prominent figure became so much more appreciated than just simply reading about a figure. My personal reasoning behind visiting galleries & exhibitions.

If there was one thing that struck me hard was a deep similarity between Isabella & 21st century extrovert Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Germanotta). The style, the look & the far from normal attitude towards life. It seems I have figured out the mastermind behind all the Lady Ga Ga antics.

If you get the chance + love fashion.. go!



There are some big expectations for 2014 that have been floating around for my approval & execution. Many of which are centred around the idea of 'The Self' & the mending of several areas that have arisen after university living. It's time to start now & time to start living big..dreaming big is well under way.

I'm currently planning the official launch of Dosemedaily in terms of content, photography & idealised style that i'm looking to kick off for the beginning of London Fashion Week, which will now my third year within industry, making the earlier months of the year a very exciting time.

Also, in the pipeline is a well sought after trip/getaway/moment of escapism to Germany's known haven; Berlin. Why? Because I wanna! The people, language, style, way of living is all that I hope for in the older years of life. Plus my biggest driver is the language & hopes of resurrecting the the skills I once had of picking it up quickly (after six years of studying it of course).



We are officially a good way through winter i'd say and now that old leather biker or in my case that pretty new bomber original is no longer enough to withstand the even colder climates we are just about to experience. I mean sixteen people have died so far in the US and i'd say we're about to feel a bit of that pain in the coming weeks. With this in mind, it's now time to stop eyeing up those coats over and over again and time to start buying! 

I can't decide between a solid black, tan, dirty grey or off white...but I know it's got to be one of them & if you manage to get your hands on a full length, there should be no hesitation these inspo photos are the reason why.




via. Cotton-Love | Studded Hearts | PuzzlePiece

Happy New Year all. 

Agreed, new year, new start & all that, but I can't help but feel the exhaustion, consistent tiredness & pure madness catching up to me from 2013 (final year, graduation, 21st birthday & my first job are amongst the main happenings). The aim was welcome in the new year with optimism (resolution 1) & this starts with the perfect wardrobe . This weeks inspo is about appreciating surface and substance and the right mix of textures, enjoy.