There are some big expectations for 2014 that have been floating around for my approval & execution. Many of which are centred around the idea of 'The Self' & the mending of several areas that have arisen after university living. It's time to start now & time to start living big..dreaming big is well under way.

I'm currently planning the official launch of Dosemedaily in terms of content, photography & idealised style that i'm looking to kick off for the beginning of London Fashion Week, which will now my third year within industry, making the earlier months of the year a very exciting time.

Also, in the pipeline is a well sought after trip/getaway/moment of escapism to Germany's known haven; Berlin. Why? Because I wanna! The people, language, style, way of living is all that I hope for in the older years of life. Plus my biggest driver is the language & hopes of resurrecting the the skills I once had of picking it up quickly (after six years of studying it of course).

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