It's a first in a hell of a long time that I have planned nothing but to Work/ Read /Gym chill . Well, I had planned a very exciting brunch with one of my favourite designers (who I shall not name) & actually scheduled in my very first test shoot for the blog to showcase the product I pretty much spent my last months pay check on, but due to the  unsettling & slightly bipolar weather conditions, it has been postponed to next week.

Instead, I have basically spent the whole day in bed keeping an eye on #NYFW & watching 'Wolf of Wall Street'. Jordan Belfort is an absolute legend..a sick legend & Martin Scoresese pretty much nailed this film. HARD. If you haven't already seen it, it's highly recommended by me.

This week being at the MFTHQ for 8hours, 5days, plus working the Taylor Swift x Keds  #REDTourBus on Sunday, styling a shoot outdoors in Chelsea on Tuesday, a Private event for Coco De Mer on Wednesday, crazy hard training session on Thursday & last nights chilled work do, Sunday will officially be my day of rest.

& breathe...


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