1|Hall of arm and Paul Smith inspirations 
2| Collection of editorials and show press passes
3| First showroom in paris
4| Outside the Design Museum in London
5| Recreation of the Paul Smith studio

 As you know. I am a sucker for those heavily promoted exhibitions, focused around fashion and mainly directed at a particular influencer that has somewhat altered the industry. Last weekend I managed to take a trip down to the design museum over at London Bridge to visit 'HELLO MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH' by Paul Smith. Not going to lie, but I can't say I'm the biggest fan of his collections, but as a person he is always one to watch in terms of drive and passion, but also the way in which Paul Smith (the brand) is branded.  It's an interesting story really, and the exhibition truly exposed the in's and out's of the brand, from recreating his first showroom in Paris, to a literal pick-up & drop of his current studio. It was educational and inspiring, which is all you can really ask from an exhibition ...plus the before and after wandering, and independent eateries, which would not make these days the same!

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