The Apartment: The vision of duo Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelborn (co founders of The Line) has come to life; a shopable living space and concept store based on the typical SoHo style New York Loft adopting a minimalistic, rustic and downtown cool aesthetic. They describe their set up as 'quintessential', a modern take on a classical loft space built in 1872.

This is my idea of shopping in the new world of experiential shopping. Digital this and that = cool, but the idea of browsing and buying in an intimate living space is something a lot more appealing.

And just when you think you wish it could be yours - it can.
The space is also the go to destination for discussions, workshops, screenings and dinners. Now i'm just waiting for the Shoreditch take on this concept because It's been done in New York and I have recently seen something pretty similar in Berlin.

Take A Look: The Apartment



Happy August people. We're just about hitting the peak of summer, past the peak of British weather and touching upon some of the fresh AW14 trends for this season. Time is literally flying by with not even a slight peak from me for the past few months - I can only apologise. oops.

While I compose and complete my summer travel update to Ibiza and Berlin, here's a little dose of something that goes very much inline the my current room plans that are adopting a straight line, white line thing, with a bit of mashed-up textures of grey and black slate. Or just anything beautifully rough I can get my hands on.