This week in London we have seen the first of Autumn, with colder mornings and bright skies (deceiving) combined with the usual hormonal British weather. Now that all the fashion week fuss is just about over, we can really focus on the here and the now, cause let's be honest - Summer isn't any time soon.Based on poor two days I managed to spend at London fashion Week, it was clear there was a shift in attitudes of the lurkers (the hoverers, bloggers, photographers, fashion fiends or just passerbys that want in on the action). They have embraced the 'don't care' 'blasé' attitude in both their fashion and stance.I'm not complaining! it's the way to be and that's what makes LFW special. It is hard to spot clear cut trends here as every influencer including the designer has their own take on what fashion is and should be like.
This season anything goes double denim, duster coats, wide legs, straight legs, scrappy fringing and turn ups but chunky masculine bluchers are a must.

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