We've officially said goodbye to all things Spring slash Summer and well into the start of the festive season. It time for all things big, knitted, cosy and douvet like, but if you are heading out for anything but Christmas shopping be sure hit some of the below and make the most of this winters London events.

1. Design Museum - Woman in power
The Design Museum look at how princesses, models, CEOs, Dames and designers have used fashion to define and enhance their position in the world. 
The exhibition features 26 woman in power 

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2. Night Tales
The Brixton based pop-up has returned and this time it's in Shoreditch. For sevean weeks Night Tales will find a home at a huge car-park. 
Log fires, canopies and a mix of music.
3. Anya Hindmarch is yours
If you want a pieces of Anya Hindmarch but maybe can't afford to actually purchase a piece of her comercially powerful products, it may be worth heading to your local Waitrose to buy a piece of the collection.

Limited Edition Kellogs Cereal by Anya Hindmarch

4. Fashion Film - David Bowie Is
Following the success of his very own exhibition at the V&A, comes the documentary of David Bowie's life and music career.


5. Pillow Cinema

After a wave of rooftop cinemas, secret cinemas, pop-up cinema and exen hot tub cinemas, the new thing this winter is the Pillow Cinema.
Night In Night Out, that requires everyone to bring a comfy pillow.

Can't say no

6. Cecil Beaton at Brook Street
It's free so why not? A look into the life of one of the movers & shakers of the 1920's
18 November to 5 December 2014, Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5.30pm
39 Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4JE

7.Rooftop Winter cinema

The Berkeley Health Club & Spa has transformed its roof-top terrace into a cinema. Londoners can book to watch 'Some Like It Hot' on a cinema screen.en outdoors overlooking London.

There will be two screenings per night at 5pm and 7pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekends.
A special Winter Cinema package for Londoners is a
vailable at £55 per person which includes a glass of wine and some homemade Berkeley treats.  

London Views

8. Tatler Movie

The inside world of Tatler from the comforts of your sofa!



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It's sad really. Now working in advertising and media, my 'high life' in fashion seems so distant, so it gives me great pleasure to immerse myself in images like the above centred around fine tailoring, structured shapes and dimmed down hues. One thing I have got to get sorted out is my over cropped wardrobe for this season, that is..maybe not so suitable for my agency job and the fact I over-indulge on food pretty much every hour out of eight, revealing more and more of my unwanted midriff



The question of achieving clean, clear and radiant skin is something that I have been asking for a hell of of a long time. For me, achieving these three things and making is last is the bane of my life.
Living in London and travelling on the underground with a full face of make up, training at the gym 5 times a week and going through the monthly stress of being a woman can seriously take its toll.

I managed to find the perfect article that combines fact, with my tested knowledge and the opinions of a range of nutritional therapists and facialists to give you 12 tips to live by.

1 |  Begin your day with big mug of hot lemon water.

2 | Make a weekly routine out of a clay mask.

3 | Replace eye cream with Jojoba Oil to place on the orbital bone.

4 | Don't exfoliate daily!

5 | Use light but but potent night creams.

6 | Surprise surprise, potatoes are friends with the skin.

7 | Don't touch your face.

8 | Invest in a good rosehip face oil.

9 | Have daily greens: Kale, spinach, broccoli and Avocado.

10 | Take a spirulina supplement.

11 | Increase omega-3-rich foods.

12 | Incorporate almonds in your diet.

13  | Microdermabrasion therapy

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