The question of achieving clean, clear and radiant skin is something that I have been asking for a hell of of a long time. For me, achieving these three things and making is last is the bane of my life.
Living in London and travelling on the underground with a full face of make up, training at the gym 5 times a week and going through the monthly stress of being a woman can seriously take its toll.

I managed to find the perfect article that combines fact, with my tested knowledge and the opinions of a range of nutritional therapists and facialists to give you 12 tips to live by.

1 |  Begin your day with big mug of hot lemon water.

2 | Make a weekly routine out of a clay mask.

3 | Replace eye cream with Jojoba Oil to place on the orbital bone.

4 | Don't exfoliate daily!

5 | Use light but but potent night creams.

6 | Surprise surprise, potatoes are friends with the skin.

7 | Don't touch your face.

8 | Invest in a good rosehip face oil.

9 | Have daily greens: Kale, spinach, broccoli and Avocado.

10 | Take a spirulina supplement.

11 | Increase omega-3-rich foods.

12 | Incorporate almonds in your diet.

13  | Microdermabrasion therapy

via. Stella - Sharon McGlinchey

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