Excuse the over-posing and awkwardness of the above, but it was only kind to share the professional photographs taken for the TPG re-brand to... City Road media and my collaboration with the social influencer app Creatial founded by TPG, which I am sure you will get to hear about in due course.

If you are keen to know where each piece of the outfit was bought by, you can pretty much head straight to Zara. The top was bought in Zara Berlin and the pinstripe cigarette trousers, patent shoes and trench coat were ordered online from Zara. Keeping to a minimal pallet, which has slightly been extended for my new colour love of Navy I am really taking a liking to the pin stripe, but it's slightly awkward when I walk into the office with matching trousers to my 40 year old colleague. Downer.

I love the idea of going for a size L for comfort and ease but I realise now looking at the photos that it doesn't do much for my body shape. Ah well, straight down is how i've always been and how I shall remain. #saynototight.

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