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From a very young age I have always been very active with the typical swimming classes pretty much from birth, dance classes up until the age of 17, starting at the gym at 16, taking on Yoga and Pilates from 18 and so it goes on.

I may have kept this pretty quiet, unless we're good pals and I've gone on about my new found love, but over the past 11 months I have taken it upon myself  to embrace the life of a girl weightlifter and rightly so. For years, weightlifting and the free weights area has been dominated by overly large grunters, secret 'roid' takers and often weedy men finding their way in the free weights playground. However, at my gym in North London the ladies are killing it! Since beginning my weight training last year I have found myself surrounded by a crowd of  'gym friends' as we call ourselves, made up of predominantly women. Now, we don't sit there day after day discussing calories, protein and the gym and post endless 'Instafit' 'fitnotthin' photos, but it may just take up a quarter of our weekly communication...

Together with no cringe intended we are supporting the idea powerful that women can live healthy, self-sufficient lives that are dictated by our own goals actions and aspirations. Enough of me and the fight for the world talk, over the last couple of weeks there have been endless articles to support the idea of women lifting weights published in The Sunday Times Style Magazine, The Stylist and of course the Daily Mail.

With the support of my personal trainer and close friends, I have transformed my life for the better, although my parents would disagree with their 'big booty'd slightly masculine daughter', which is completely not true! I  feel very comfortable despite my weekly complaints and sudden goal changes from skinny to fit and thigh gap to all muscle.

I have come to the conclusion that with the right combination of weightlifting (strength) + cardio (stamina) + Yoga ( flexibility) I WILL be happy!

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As we welcome in the new year, the time everyone says hello to something new or goodbye to something old. We make resolutions along the lines of 'get more fit', 'drink less', get better at this..., do more of that.. or attempting a new and healthier routine for 2015 (that pretty much goes tits up by the third week if you are lucky). 

Despite the failure to abide by the yearly rituals of resolutions and goal making, above are five pins and points that I personally will be keeping a close eye on in the coming few months. Hard work, creativity and a slight shift of the self are the overarching themes to how I want the coming year to be a success.

After all, since when has a year gone truly to plan.

NOTE TO SELF | Add pessimism on the list of traits to change...