Last night as part of the Creatial team and representing Tech City News, I attended a General Assembly event, 'The intersection of Fashion, Tech and creating memorable brand experiences' at Lyst Stdios in Hoxton Square with a pretty fashtech savvy line up of industry panellists including the amazing Lauren Stevenson, co-founder of  of PR agency Aisle 8, who had a feature last week in Stylist magazine and had a high profile career at Mywardobe.com and Harrods. She has now leaped into the world of entrepreneurs and started things up herself. Bold Move!

For me, she stood out most on the panel offering some really interesting insights into the world of fashion and marketing, pulling out brands who are at the forefront on fashion. Lucky for me, I managed  to have a chat with her after the event about the formation and execution of my new project, the social influencer app Creatial and then going on to sharing a few mutual contacts at Botticca and Moschino. Such a lovely woman! Everyone knows about the catty fashion world, but it really does stand out when someone so successful gives time and energy back to help establish the new generation of talent. Victoria Chang, founder of Style Barista, Emma Watkinson, founder of Silkfred.com, Sarah Walter, CCO of Metail and Craig Crawford of SomoGlobal were also on the panel making the response to each question so varied yet so responsive

Aside from the help yourself bar and endless supply of Vivid vitality drinks, dishing out my new business cards and  talking till my mouth was dry, the event turned out to be a huge success. It has definitely given me the little shake and stir I needed to get myself back on track!

With that in mind, I have taken it upon myself master the art of code, by this I mean spending my lunch on Code Academy (FREE of course), using interactive methods learning that even my mother could master, but yet I'm still not quite there.

Tonight, I find myself  going along to an 'Hour of code' event as part of a general movement to promote coding as a skill in life. I will of course report back on my newly learned language of  HTML, CSS and Javascript. Talk nerdy to me!


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