Looking over the above images gives me such a thrill. There's lots of thick structured shapes that happily fit into the idea of my minimalist work apparel and makes me want to trawl through endless websites and save masses in baskets I probably will never buy. It's not that I don't want it bad enough, it's that I want so much so bad -  I am victim to the online basket syndrome.

I say I don't buy my baskets, but I suck at holding back from my usual hotspots you know the Zara, Asos, &otherstories... I currently have a £320 stuck to Zara a £195 from ASOS and I haven't even got started with 5 pairs of trainers I have at the check out, obviously because you've got to have ones for all sorts of scenarios: training, running, stylish, 2 stylish and make that 3 stylish. Do you know that way?

Moving on now to one of my best friends who has taken a huge leap in life, she left her amazing job at The White Company, her sweet ass pad in Brixton and me of course to travel the bare ground of South America on her own. Amazing as it is and as proud of her as I am, I can't help but envy her boldness to just up and go when our eager generation are so driven by career and success, while she gets to see the world for all its natural beauty. I am just waiting for the right time, we all say, almost like committing to marriage or actually buying a house, but the truth is, it's so simple. There is never going to be a right time in life so just go now or forever hold your peace.

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