This is an old shoot I did with TOTW's man last summer so I'm sorry for my 'post-season' attire, but I still quite like it.  My days in London now are made up of waking up in darkness with temperatures in the minuses and walking back from Old Street again with night light, so it is actually pleasant to let my eyes squint at the brightness of these photos with my clean brown hair and fresh nails compared to now. A matted grease ball and dry everything is really not a good look.

It's funny because the day I wore my Birks outdoors and literally felt my feet freeze, I knew any sight of summer was over until...the Arizona sheep-lined birk was born. It was like someone read my mind! No, I do not own a pair because firstly I would get looks all over Londoin for being in the wrong season, secondly I was always tripping, especially on the escalators, it's just embarrassing and thirdly if I'm really honest I just don't think they are cut out for our temperamental British weather. Summer is looking one step closer though, so we can bring back the Birkenstocks!

Moving on, I am still to this day obsessed with the Alexander Wang  SS14 collection, the shapes, colours and silhouettes. So when I spotted my version from H&M above, I couldn't really say no. I'm not so keen on the off the shoulder look as it is slightly annoying and the cropped fit isn't the best for my off days, but I love the colour, the natural creases (not my self-induced wardrobe ones) and on a good day it's just great!

Apologies for my really unattractive and  stresses and creases, I was really really hopeful that my creases would drop out, but nope.

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