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It seems I take after my dad with my obsession for lazy Sundays. It used to be the day to seriously hang after a night out, do nothing but cover my face with my duvet, eat loads of pretty much everything and tell myself over and over again that this time I will NOT drink again. It then became my productive Sunday to clean the flat and bathe like a lady while watching a movie and sipping on a cup of tea. scrap that! Who has time seriously??

After a long week at work and usually a manic Saturday seeing friends or running errands (trips to the bank or returning masses of clothes i've not so accidentally ordered online), I usually attempt to go to the gym on a Sunday morning but miserably fail on many occasions. My Excuse? Sundays are for being lazy and I just NEED to sleep.

Last Sunday, I dragged myself out of bed to make my 10:30 Yoga workshop in Angel. I have been doing Yoga for around 4 years now, not on any sort of professional level what so ever but just a bit of amateur yogarriing to better my posture, flexibility and of course to be able to do all sorts of body stands. Despite the early start, beginning my day with an hour of Yoga gives me that buzz I need or maybe just gets me out of bed and keeps me going for the rest of my day. It really helps to loosen and stretch out muscles I am constantly putting strain on during my weight training sessions and helps to break my disgusting habit of clicking my back to maybe just once a day. Winning!

The Sunday session was mostly focused on stretches and was actually a one off workshop my teacher Erica held to raise money for charity, but on a normal week I like to break up my days by attending a Wednesday session. If you have are yet to latch on to the trend, it is definitely something I would recommend trying at least once.

I went on my very first yoga retreat in Ibiza last year and it honestly was a game changer. I learnt so much about the history of Yoga practices, the art of meditation that even Head Space couldn't help with and finally the way of best practice from my teacher Wendy at her  sanctum space on the island.

It was honestly one of the best decisions I could have made and experiences i've ever had that i've only gone and booked it again for this year and maybe a few extra days to tackle the other side of the island.

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