After her appearance on the cover of the Telegraph magazine, for me Malaika Firth has been outed. Friends with Jourdan Dunn, who mentors her along her journey in fashion, you know there are only big things to come for her.

Flicking through weekly sups at work, while the rest of my colleagues jump at the business and money sections of the weeks papers, I picked up and added the Telegraph Magazine to my pile to read. Why? Not only were the silhouettes, hues and style of the clothes right on the mark, but I couldn't help by crush over her small almond eyes that really make her stand out and look delicate; the way I fall for Cara, Kendall and Freya Beha.

Only having Model.com (ing) her I realise how late I am in seeing her potential when the rest of the fashion world already has, but on these regular 'fresh-faced' posts, I like to pick out the models that fit my idea of beautiful, Malaika being my next.

After I read her article in the magazine, I feel her humbleness and nativity, which is always a bonus with a model that is being exposed so fast. To give you a bit of a trailer on her, she is 21, born in Mombasa, Kenya and now lives in East London. Her most prided moment so far has got to be the fact that she is the first black model to be the face of a Prada campaign in 19 years. I say this but I really don't agree. We're now in 2015 and the faces of fashion are still so limited and still lack a lot of  ethnic faces in such a large spectrum of possibilities. One ethnic face for Prada makes big news, but should this really be the case? 

On to the above editorial for the Telegraph Mag. I am obsessed! Each piece used in the shoot has a very distinctive fit and style but equally they all go in-line to create actually a really minimalist, androgynous capsule collection that belongs in my wardrobe. Forget prices, I WILL find my own more affordable versions of each piece. If you look at the way each outfit is dressed, be it a belt, excess fabric, folds or buttons. They help dress the look without adding tacky embellishments or even jewellery for that matter. That - I love!

This side of the season I am all focused on creating single-coloured looks that dress to impress without adding any accessories to complete it. Surely this can't be that hard to find

So off to Zara Trafulic, COS and Weekday it is for me.



Part two of my gym life adventures continues. I completely agree that this all sounds pretty darn ridiculous and slightly over the top, but it's is all done in true humour, as I do believe the extent to which some people go to to achieve this bodybuilding Barbie body is too much. Saying this, when you watch your own progress and you see yourself do what you thought was impossible, it can be really rewarding. But as they say... everything in moderation. 
5 Utterly ridiculous problems of a gym girl.

1. Hit rock bottom because you haven't been to the gym in just two days. Ridiculous

2. Get grumpy at my PT for not being able to lift the weight I lifted last week.

3. Having a good week (of eating and training) and going weak in the knees at a collogues birthday cake.

4. My mother worrying about where I am: drunk on the floor, kidnapped by a loony, fallen asleep on the train? NO just training at the gym!

5. Drinking a soya vanilla latte and realising I forgot to ask for a sugar free syrup. Damn that's like an extra 80 calories!

6. Boycotting work drinks to go to the gym - party pooper

I cannot lie and say I am not guilty of the above, as ridiculous as it sounds but when you do train the amount I try to do and attempt a clean way of living, why go weak for a glass of white when 1. It's going to taste shit, because lets be honest we aren't going to splash out on the best for AWDs (after-work drinks) 2. It's only going to be one glass so we won't get to the point where we think 'this one's going to be a mad one' 3. We get a headache; sadly it's only after one glass.

Are you guilty of any of this?