So....Last night after the event I scurried back to my place to have a peaceful hair wash and snuggled into bed after finding myself very relaxed and at a strange sort of ease after the event.

Starting from the beginning, I was greeted by the rather friendly hotel staff at the  Hoxton, Holborn and made my way to the event space called The Apartment with it's own bar and lounge and two large, homely board rooms. On arrival, the bar staff handed myself and few other early birds our signature house pressed Hubbard and Bell juice before networking and mingling. 

With this type of event, other peoples motivations for attending really fascinates me as it doesn't necessary scream out major networking opportunity nor does it offer any sort of freebie (or one that many people would consider a freebie). A colleague of mine (who may I point out declined my offer to attend) felt it sounded slightly 'preachy' and along the same waves of therapy, which is totally fair. Tapping into people’s emotions especially communicated through a talk format can be quite personal and many would much rather go for a meal, to a bar or just simply have a chilled night in after a days work.

Meditation allows you to get to know yourself better. There is no hiding on the meditation cushion, your anger, boredom and your anxiety is present in that moment and allows you to embrace and overcome that emotion.Butttttt not for me! For myself and the 13 others that attended the talk, it was insightful and educating and actually very enjoyable and applicable to everyone’s very digital lives. The speakers Sebastian Nienaber (founder) and Palma Michel, a mindful leadership advisor did a great job to incorporate interesting facts, examples, interactive activities and key take-always to practice and be aware of in your daily life.

I think that if you are one to practice yoga and meditate, self- awareness may be something that resonates quite well as the two are heavily linked. Many of the attendees were that type of person, however It is unfortunate as a talk of this sort can be so helpful to people who don't realise it.

Self-awareness is about training your attention. Much like you would train your body at the gym using resistance methods to help build muscle, but in this case its training your mind and resisting the attention you give to passing thoughts.

By doing this, you give yourself more to the present moment, allowing you to be open to emotions in that moment keeping your body more relaxed. It will help you to optimise yourself to be your best self at that time. Going to the mental gym is the practise of meditation.

Amongst my own knowledge that that presented by Sebastian and Palma, I am making it my mission to do some sort of mind training every day, which when commuting can be quite easy. It helps break up the day with a moment of calmness before starting your professional day at work. 

Ok, so it all sounds quite deep and spiritual but it was a unique Tuesday and building up to my summer Yoga retreat and new dynamic training program it was the perfect session to keep me motivated and keep my mind on the prize...a life time of happy thoughts!


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  1. sounds like a lovely event! always wanted to go to the hoxton x


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