Aimless idling; dawdling

I wouldn't instantly place Hermes w/ the idea of flanerie (aimlessly wondering) or as the  Saatchi gallery put it - 'urban wandering', but more so precision, Parisian class with autonomy, butttt to go in line with the grand opening of their flagship store in Londonn, Hermes have stepped out of their Birkin bag and entered a Wanderland of all things fantasy. Bringing designer lovers that one step close to the world of Hermes.

After a 10min queue to the exhibition itself  I was beginning to think there were free bags being given out as guests slowly stepped foot by foot into the first room of video projections and enchanting mirrored lighting. The journey through Wanderland was honestly spectacular! Like nothing I have ever seen before within an indoor space as the passages all replicated the journey of a wonderer on the street of Paris, gifted by all things Hermes.

Each element that you can imagine has been carefully considered in the designing and curating process including all senses being tickled along the way (except the sense of wanting! Because that I didn't get).

“The journey through Wanderland draws its coherence from two intrinsic elements of la flânerie: dreaming and freedom of spirit"
- Bruno Gaudichon 

11 rooms, 11 sets and an endless count of things to look at and experiences to enjoy. There was no sign of a fast-pace life right outside the doors as exhibition goes literally strolled and wondered the streets of Paris. If only the Parisian cafe was real? The one thing that was missing was a croissant and coffee!

For such a classic and perfected brand the use of digital technologies within each piece created something so unique to a fashion exhibition of this sort. It was highly creative with elements of surprise and excitement, which for me, put the designer in a whole new light of contemporary fashion and style.

It was an exhibition like no other and I would 100% recommend heading down to the Saatchi gallery to take a look if you are at all curious....

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