It's back! and I am glad to say that this year I managed to keep on top of my events, so the I could get involved. Hacking Happiness is a summit that has been developed to target the the growing number of people who are ever more intrigued by the 'self' and how the body functions. The topics include mindfulness, neuroscience, meditation, nutrition and basically all things that affect our day to day bodily functions.

This year Hacking Happiness is working alongside the Hoxton Hotel to bring us a number of talks that delve deeper into the idea of happiness and how to achieve it in today's ever digitalising, over productive world.

I am here currently writing at the newly developed Hoxton Hotel in Holborn, a sister to its original in Hoxton, where the atmosphere is liver than ever for a Tuesday. I am awkwardly sat on a iMac with the screen closer than should ever be and at I height I feel is making me feel overly short. The ergonomics are all wrong, but the interiors are mostly definitely on point!

See below the talks that are happening this year. It's is of a much smaller scale but I am hoping the content and quality will remain the same.

Check in right after the talk, peace!

Cultivate Self-Awareness
Knowing yourself is at the heart of emotional intelligence and the first step in managing your inner landscape. Session two shows you how to create a life with self-awareness and, invites you to find out "who" instead of "what" you want to be. Together we will explore and introduce techniques how to increase awareness and unlock your true potential.

Boost Your Productivity
Our modern work life environment is dominated by information overload, 24/7 connectivity, multitasking and back-to-back meetings - the ability and space to focus has become increasingly rare. Session three introduces next practices to increase your productivity, de-clutter your life and improve your focus.

Increase Your Creativity
Creativity is a dance between what we know and what we don´t know, and it is through this dance that we make meaning of the world around us, making the unknown knowable, the unconscious conscious and the invisible visible. Session four provides inspiration on how to awaken particular states and qualities of mind that boost your creativity.

You Are What You Eat
Come down to The Hoxton, Holborn and join Hacking Happiness for a mindful breakfast. In the last workshop in our series on Mindfulness at The Hoxton, we will be discussing Mindful Eating…that's the kind of eating which doesn't involve automatically reaching for the biscuit tin, something we're all guilty of.

The session will enable you to walk away with the tools to be more aware of what you're eating, both quantity and quality. It's not a diet, it's about focusing on the diversity of ingredients, their texture and taste, to connect to the food that's nourishing our body, mind and heart. So that when you allow yourself a treat from the biscuit packet that treat stops at one biscuit and NOT the whole packet. Imagine that…


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