I am proud to say I love reading, mostly on the tube, often in cafe's, at home and almost always on long journeys slash holidays. Now I can't say I get my head stuck into the ultimate must reads, or the ones highest on any sort of book list and they are far from challenging from the mind, but for me its about down time at home or while having a tea away from any sort of humanly drama, which is pretty much all the time. I spend a Monday morning reading Marketing Week and Campaign magazine and now they can take its toll slightly.

I tend to consume a whole lot of content through industry magazines and emails and fashion updates from blogs and magazines. My ultimate go to publication has got to be my open obsession to The Sunday Time Style (thanks to my dear father) that I have been reading from my early teenage years, even if the content was hardly relevant (Mrs Mills as a fucked up agony aunt I just didn't understand). I now collect copy after copy finding it a step harder to dispose of my hoarded collection despite my mommy giving me that not so gentle nudge every weekend. More recently, I have a major girl crush on two world wide obsessions Cara Delevingne and Kendal Jenner, don't ask why because the world has spoken and in my eyes they are just perfect little things, so I have only gone and bought all their most recent covers inc. Love and Dazed and Confused.

My weekly reading regime (and yes it has to be done, because we only have a certain amount of time a day when we are not on our phones scrolling through apps or out at work, drinks or catch ups, gymming or just sleeping. So that just leaves erm... on the train on the way to work and back). Monday's start with my current book Bossy pants by Tina Fey Tuesday's are half for my book and half for flicking through Time Out for the latest pop-up bars and restaurant, exhibitions and just snippets of info. Wednesday is obviously Stylist day (a HUGE deal in my office with 3 girls getting up earlier to get each other a copy in case the other missed out - like I said a big deal!). This usually takes the full journey back with the way there for my current book and just my nerdy excitement to whether I get my copy that week, which has even sometimes resulted in actually picking up a copy from the floor - grime I know. Thursdays are for ES mag and Fridays, well on the way back, they are pretty much a write off after a few drinks.
Keep an eye out for my personal book list for the year, that I will be posting soon.
What are your reading habits?

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