I began using coconut oil around 4 years ago, way before the mad coconut oil hype, but found so many more uses for it as it become more popular amongst the clean eaters and beauty fanatics. I started out using coconut to help soften the ends of my hair as an overnight hair mask. I then went on to using the oil to soothe my eczema prone skin, which led to just using it as a post-shower oil to massage into wet skin before bed (lush).  I wouldn't recommend using this in the morning but it makes for the perfect bed ready body for a cosy night in.
I know that using coconut oil while cooking is a thing for major health driven eateries, but I tend to only use it in the odd morning smoothie or for my protein pancakes. More recently, I have got myself into a pretty gross habit of rubbing a small amount of coconut oil on my teeth as a natural whitener, which is also said to have great effects of reducing sugar cravings and aid in weight loss. Overall Coconut oil over the past year has been THE health obsession that everyone has been talking about.
It is the must-have thing in every cupboard as it will always come in handy, a bit like aloe vera.

I have always been aware of Philosophy as a brand, but never quite took it seriously till now. I was purely being over judgemental about the packaging, as it look too simple. An amazing friend of mine currently works at the Boots head office and is constantly exposed to some amazing products and samples that she can trial and rave about to me and The Purity Cleanser was one of them. I am a sucker for going by recommendations as it is the best way to get an honest opinion of the product in question.
I used this face wash for as long as I could make it last, which was quite a long time considering the size of the bottle as the constancy is very light and fairly runny. I usually go for quite thick and harder cleansers as I personally feel that the most is being done to my skin, but this changed my thoughts completely. I loved the smell! It was clean, very fresh and natural and reminded me of rubbing all sorts of Cowshed hand lotions over my face.
It left my skin feeling refreshed, oil-free, and very soft. The perfect base before putting on any make-up.  This is all without any sort of exfoliating beads making it the perfect every day face wash.

Next up is another friend recommended product that I am now sharing. Miccelar water is becoming a big thing in beauty for removing make-up in the most natural and softest way. This product by Garnier was amazing and I have passed it on to many friends and family. It was a pretty decent sized bottle that has lasted over 6 months for only £4.00 from Boots, but unfortunately for me and my minor eczema bursts, it slightly irritated my eyes leaving tiny little red dots.
So although it was so easy to use and the best thing to remove all face make-up, I unfortunately had to revert back to the old Simple face wipes.

Last Christmas, Santa gifted me with my all black Tangle Teezer that is loved by everyone in my family and yes that included my dad. He has gone to the extent of sneaking down to my room to steal it and hide it in his cupboard everyday...probably until he thinks I will forget. Every evening I go back up to get it back.

It is amazing for wet hair or used as an in shower hair brush, but for me and my fair hair it doesn't do the best of work to my dry hair. The fluffy fresh look isn't really my thing but everyone's has got to have a Tangle Teezer in their life. If it wasn't your thing growing up, pick one up now.

Limited edition Lulu Guinness Teezer anyone?

 My go to skin care brand has got to be Clarins for an everyday skincare regime. I used to use the youthful energiser range, but it is always good for the skin to shake it up every now and again, so I opted for the Iris toner and face cream. The toner is perfect for London commuters to help get rid of unwanted dirt and dead skin cells, to leave it feeling clean, fresh and even all round. I am a huge believer in toner and have been using the stuff for years, especially after commuting or a night out where my face needs an extra scrub to get rid of excess make up...it can be seriously satisfying. 

It is likely that 80% of girls have experienced some form on the dreaded ingrown hair from shaving or waxing. It can become quite irritating and sore depending on the severity of it. The cause? Can sometimes just be blocked follicles from thick body butters or oil and sometimes from the combination of shaving and waxing.  Some people use Aloe Vera to calm it down, but this is only a temp solution. No Bumps is a pretty harsh smelling potion that helps to tackle the bad boys. Use a tiny bit on a cotton pad in the morning and before bed and watch the area clear up (after a couple of weeks).

I was on the hunt for a light and cooling under eye cream that would not speed up my anti-aging regime, but keep my eyes at bay, removing dark circles and restoring the youthfulness to my eyes. This Kiels eye cream is very light despite its slightly dewy consistency and appearance. All it takes is a the tiniest dab, a mix within the fingers and patted on to the area across the whole of the orbital bone. It helps brighten, firm up and energise the eye with natural avocado.

I have been weighing up the Touch Éclat by YSL, Boiing by Benefit and the Bare Minerals concealer for a while now. I have been going back and forth to each concession counter to help make up my mind. My decision: Bare Minerals! It has amazing thick coverage with the smallest amount. The tiny little compact is almost too small but comes with a little handy mirror to dab on your concealer through out the day if needed.


I've heard people raving on about this for years but never really knew what it was best for. I have had my little bottle for around 2 years with the odd bit of use maybe once a week. I originally set out to use the skin protectant for my lips as they get really dry in the winter months. I then shared the usage to my dry little elbows and cuticles over night as an intense moisturiser. Last year a friend of mine said she used a small amount on her face as an overnight moisture mask and it really helped to even out her skin tone. So on it I got! and will use it over blemishes and dry areas of my face throughout the year.

It is a little bit like Coconut oil in that it can be used for so many different purposes but once you have them in your cupboard, you eventually find the right times to use them in ways that work best for your skin.

So, there are my 9 product reviews and recommendations that I hope will be useful and insightful for your next beauty shop. I have more recently purchased a few more pieces to add to the collection, which I am in the process of using so they will form the basis of my next beauty edit.
If you guys have any suggestions or have tried any of the products above please share...


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