What a manic two weeks it has been! Aside from going about my usual day of work from nine to five, training five times a week with Yoga on a Wednesday, there has been a whole realm of other things that I have been working on too.

To start with, on occasion I go back to where it all started for me in Nottingham (my place of study) to visit the university and do talks or lectures to current or perspective students as a sort of 'this is where the course got me' sort of talk. I go into a lot about the roles I have had and the companies and contacts I have made since graduating and how I got there before and during university. As a student, you can imagine how helpful this could be when you're on your last leg in final year or struggling to adapt to university life in your first year.  So, a few weeks ago I was asked to head back for the open day to do a talk to prospective students. 

Baring in mind I was a mess at presenting during my time at university with my knees wobbling, my hands shaking and my voice almost unrecognisable from all the stress, this was and always is a huge deal for me and I do feel very proud and grateful for this opportunity. 

After a very last minute session on Powerpoint the night before I talked for the worlds and it went really positively. I stayed back for the workshop to answer a few questions and do my bit of handing out a couple of business cards here and there. The rest of the weekend was just a dream! Shopping, sleeping, massages and facials, lots of alchoholic beverages and eating of anything and everything. Some people find it strange that I do enjoy going back to Nottingham so often because it is not the same as being there as a student, but honestly some of my best and worst memories were there and I guess it was the city I really felt like I grew into my own, so it always is exciting to see the new bars and pop-ups that have opened and to see how the city has developed.

If anyone is ever stuck on what to do for the weekend and doesn't want to travel too far. I would highly recommend a day in Nottingham (if you know the right places).

Lee Rosy's Tea - Tea House
Rough Trade - Cafe and record shop
Coco Tang - Cocktail Bar
COW Vintage - Vintage Fashion
The Orang Tree - Pub
Das Kino - Games Bar
The Boiler Room - Secret Bar
Wild - Vintage Shop
White Rabbit - Tea House
Thea Caffea - English Tea Rooms 
Delilah - Brunch and Deli
Broadway Cinema - restaurant, bar & arts cinema
Pitcher & Piano - restaurant & Bar (in a church)

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