Last night my high school best pal and I made our way to Angel for a rather romantic dinner at The Little Viet Kitchen.

The super healthy and experimental Vietnamese restaurant was hidden on the back streets of Angel, far from all the other funky chains & one off eateries on Upper Street. The LVK only opened their doors to the public last week so we were lucky enough to get one of the first experiences which for restaurants can sometimes go quite badly.

Not this one! As we were one of the first in for the evening seating, we were greeted by the friendly staff who we literally could have chatted to all evening as we were sat along the bar and one of them was just super friendly. Luckily for us and sadly for them a table of six reduced their booking to two, allowing us to have a proper table with a cute little candle and white rose – very romantic.

Tsuy, the owner and head chef, who I had spoken to earlier on had suggested the perfect three course meal to order from the menu. As a vegetarian, finding a restaurant with a good atmosphere and amazing food can be quite hard, but luckily Vietnamese dishes are full of fresh veg, salads and flavours, just my kinda thang.

I ordered the tofu and veg summer rolls with lemon grass to start with, followed by a  crispy Vietnamese pancakes with a tofu and root veg filling, wrapped with fresh herbs in a lemongrass, lime and chilli soy sauce. Just thinking of it now makes me hungry L. The Portions were hugeeee, but me being a food fatty and with the dishes being really healthy and fresh, it was pretty easy to get through without feeling that dreaded buldge and feeling of bloatedness.

The company was obviously the best, as you can never beat a dinner with one of your oldest and bestest friends from school, but as we were sharing a table with the two remaining guests from the party of six, it was almost rude to not make conversation. And what lovely young boys they were!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention one of the best drinks to date! So, I recently tried a coconut latte at AIDA in Shoreditch, but how about a Coconut margarita? Damn good I tell you!

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