50% of Brits have never had breakfast in bed, 30% of the population would love an afternoon nap, IKEA launch concept eatery to stimulate more breakfasts in bed

I am so so so lucky to be working in the heart of London where all things weird and wonderful take place - that's Shoreditch for you! I came across this amazing concept by IKEA taking place for a few days only that is pretty much something people only dream of doing.

Thumbs up to team of IKEA and Hope and Glory PR for yet another cool concept to break the boundaries of experiential marketing. Who doesn't like a session of playing house in IKEA? Even more so, who doesn't wish they could live in one of the seamlessly designed and perfected rooms just for one night? Not to make you jealous or anything, but I made the most of my hour slot in bed.

As you walk into the pop-up just round the corner of Old Street station, you are welcomed by the staff in what is a very peaceful and minimalist setting. Each guest is asked to choose a pillow type (hilarious), soft goose feather, firm, or memory foam that you can take with you to a bedroom setting of your choice. You are encouraged to hang up your coat and replace it with a the choices of nightgowns to really get comfortable. There were different bed styles, throws, lighting and  side tables all side by side one another along the walls of the space. I obviously wanted the cosiest setting so chose a double bed with a neutral colour pallet.

The staff then ask you to choose a tea and pastry of your choice. At this point I was sold! I wanted it all and didn’t ever want to go  back to work. I could get used to going to a place like this. Forget Starbucks or the Hoxton to chill; IKEA Breakfast in bed could be the new hangout spot.

After stuffing my face with pastries and hot errbal tea, I cosied up with my colleague (just weird, but we felt that this broke any boundaries left in our work friendship) and literally did nothing! After reading the Power Of Now last year by Echartt Toll, I am all for embracing the present moment and not getting thoughts of the past or future clog up my brain so I can live happily I the present moment. Remember, I read this at a verrryyy relaxing time on my yoga retreat last year, but if you are ever in a moment of a over active and heated mind, I would take the time to read a few chapters of the book , to hone you back in.

 There is so much out there in the media at the moment about achieving a  better sleeping, so this pop-up event was well-timed. Here’s a little check list and a few facts that you can share and ensure you are making the most of your much needed sleep:

Your pillow should dictate how you sleep. If you are a back sleeper, a memory foam pillow will mould to your body shape. If you are a front sleeper, keep a pillow under your stomach to ease the pain off your back. Finally if you are a side sleeper like me, then ensure you pillow sits seamlessly under your ear and shoulder. For all others, you have no hope!

Whenever you say you are struggling with insomnia, the first thing everyone says is get lavender oil! Why? Because the essential oils in lavender slowdown your heart rate and blood pressure that help your body relax.
People may say to read a book before bed to help you relax, but read wisely. It is said that sticking to fiction will help you relax more than reading any sort of self-help books as this only aggravate the mind and causes you to think and worry more.
Getting more sleep is the single most powerful performance enhancing things you can do. It consolidates memory, enhances creativity and manages our moods. The health benefits include controlling our appitite, balancing our hormones and encourages cardiovascular health.
Going to bed later reported to increase negative thinking,  neuroses and pessimism.


Your routine 90mins before bed is crucial to your quality sleep. So that means, avoiding Netflix, that ‘one more drink’ you convince yourself you need, the late night snack or just scrolling through Instagram on the Daily Mail.

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