images via Maja Wyh

Slouched back style yet fashionably chic with little trace of tramp to her style or face. She is the ultimate combination of Parisian cool, mixed with Swedish minimalism mixed with a hint of New York androgyny, all rounded off with a London face of perfected steel.

What a mouthful! 

My girl crushes on the Kendall’s and Cara's of this world have passed their hay day and I’m on to the next one! One thing that works in Maja's favour (obviously, otherwise we’d all be rocking up out of bed looking like that) has got to be her height. Height is my major downfall. I mean, who wants to be someone’s bundle of joy,the ‘little one’, cute but feisty – Just NO!!! Give me some height and it might rid me of my short and stumpy legs, along with the Jersey shore term of ‘meatballs’. 

Next has got to be that German heritage. The cool, laid-back and highly efficient nature of  zee Germans has got to be another factor pretty high up there as to why we can’t all just be Ms Wyh. Finally, it’s that hair! It’s got no sign of London contaminated air or any sign of that pushing and shoving through public transport, rain on the day the weather woman said IT WAS GOING TO BE HOT or day three of being a girl and the shameful signs of greesy hair.

Nothing has changed, but I absolutely can't get rid of my love for the oversized thing i've had going on for years now and i'm glad it is still up there with what is hot for this season. Wide sleeves, legs and fits are in, paired with something  tight to bring back that feminine appeal.

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