I am officially having withdrawal symptoms...

It has been just over a week since being back in London from my much anticipated trip to Ibiza for my yearly ritual of a yoga retreat at the Lotus Pad with the amazing Wendy Buttery, followed by a couple of days roaming around the island hitting up incredible beaches, small towns and mayybee just a few clubs, which ultimately leads to going out every day.

 It’s funny and getting pretty irritating when anyone questions me going to Ibiza for a yoga retreat. Their response is almost questioning my choice of place, which granted does go against the norm. Well the norm in their eyes, but I see Ibiza as the perfect place to go on a yoga retreat. I mean, do you know the other side of the island?? Obviously not.

The low-down in short is…the southern and western side of the island are known for mad cubbing with highs off drugs and alcohol, but to everyone’s surprise the rest of the island is actually very tranquil, inviting romantic breaks for couples, relaxing family vakays and yoga and spa retreats for the singltons. For me it has got to be the pared down hippie style paired with a healthy green (sometimes all veg) organic, superfoody diet that makes Ibiza the spot to hit every summer.
So anyway, back to my actual trip, another year of the most amazing hatha/vinyasa yoga and meditation in the outdoors, faced with scorching heat in the morning and evening helping to warm up and stretch out my very tight muscles. After all the training I did to look and feel my best for this holiday, it was much needed. I mean if going to the gym twice a day following a very strict high protein, low carb, vegetarian diet 3 to 5 times a day with very little or no sleep can’t do it, then what will? I am not going to complain because I actually loved it and surprisingly waking up at 5:30am naturally and sleeping at 12:30am gave me more energy than ever!! I was (and I say cockily) in my ideal shape! But 1 week later and 4 extra days on the other side of the island and I am now back to normal and at the gym twice a day. I will not complain.

I now sit everyday at my desk obviously appreciating the incredible life and adventures I have living in London, but secretly looking at flights to one day make that one way trip with no return mwah ha ha.

Spending my days doing yoga, reading, talking, listening to music, swimming, eating, eating and eating sounds prettty perfect while you are soaking up the sun (which I have to admit I do run away from a lot of the time), especially when I had no worries and care for what was going on back at home. I go on and on about how I love a routine. But really for at like 4 weeks a year I think breaking the mould and going against that routine can do wonders for our digitally hectic, socially over active and professionally strained minds and body.

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