I can’t believe it has been around two years since I graduated from Nottingham Trent University. I still feel just as small, just as excitable and ever more eager to learn about the new happenings in the industry.

I have since made trips up to Nottingham and to the university to do small talks to current and prospective students, which I absolutely love doing.  Somehow there’s something not quite the same as listening and taking in all the information being thrown at me by lectures and all the gossip of the night before by my fellow x students, now very successful graduates I must add. I also don’t know why I keep referring back to myself as a graduate, now two years and two jobs later..? When does that term grow old or expire? Either way I am pretty sure it is due to my final major project I refer to as ‘my baby’ in casual terms and ‘The Blank Canvas’ on a prof level.

I was actually asked to bring the baby in to show my manager and some of my directors, who were keen to see what I spent a year doing. Not only was I very protective of the hard copy (erm costing like £300) but also the dreaded critism #nohating I am not so good at taking. My trick: smile and nod!

It seems my  idea is of much relevance now more than ever as ‘The Art of Engagement’ article in my monthly read Figaro Digital proves just how the digitalisation of our society is of significant importance to art galleries and museums, which are heavily visual and active in the present moment.

The article focused on how the Tate Modern has made way for digital communications to grow their audience in a very much authentic, authoritative and creative content driving way.  (It is the perfect piece that I could add as an extension of my project in that awful appendix)

Key Points from the article by Jon Fortgang
Museums and art galleries have a head start when it comes to content marketing as a curation and community are any brand key focus when it comes to marketing in 2015.

The Tate has picked up over 2 million social media subscribers in three years

The virtual version of the gallery is just as important as the physical presence

“An online visit is just as valuable to us as a physical visit to the gallery

If they can engage with us physically, we want them to be able to do that online – just as any other experience of shopping, dining etc…

Final word…
Content is grounded in stories, community, interactivity and giving audiences  reason to explore further. Gallery and strategy are inseparably entwined, which means every digital element plays a [art in the bigger picture.

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