Last night I had the pleasure of catching up with a few bloggers, PR's & journo's for what was fashion blogger Lorna Luxe's first public talk about the world of fashion, blogging and a few style tips for her style loving fans. The event held at the Hoxton hotel in Holborn, was the perfect setting to hold such chilled and conversational session with the very bubbly Lorna

After literally just waltzing in to The Apartment  thinking I was late (the private space of the Hoxton used for all sorts of events and classes), to my surprise I was greeted by Lorna herself who was just about sipping on a cucumber martini till walked over not even recognising her. She was so approachable and smiley, with such a cute little outfit on. Obviously repping one of her classic pussy bow shirts, acessorised with a black brimmed hat, and some purdy pink lippy. Such a babe!

As everyone mingled, drank and of course got snap happy, we were all ushered to take seats before Lorna  began. She started off by talking about her latest movements at NYFW as she collaborated with Olympus to follow a week in the life of the Felder Felder sisters, which she absolutely loved and how the heck couldn't you!! With their chilled out vibes all day everyday despite the fashion week havoc going on 360 degrees. She then made it back in time for LFW to do what she does best, street style posing, show watching, constant Instagramming, spending time with her new found blogger and Insta buddies. 

Although I don't particularly share the same style as Lorna, her photography and blogging tips were a hit and honestly she made me laugh throughout the whole night as she referred to herself having blagged her way through becoming the very successful fashion blogger she is and her very very supportive hubby John, who will attend events with her, take her photo diary shots and of course buy her the clothes she desires #jel. Her honesty and humbleness was seriously inspiring as she welcomed questions and offered advice and support to aspiring bloggers, which not a lot of people would do, so for that, thank you Lorna.

Like a lot of bloggers, her life revolves around social media (& that all important 9 square grid) and placing herself in the most picturesque of situations. I mean god forbid going to an event with dark lighting, where she was unable to take the perfect white scale, high contrast, grain free image! but uh-ha she tackled that point, giving away her little gem of a secret... the white scaling app which I totally forgot to write down (NOTE TO SELF: find this!!!)

The night was a success and I walked out of Holborn feeling inspired and pretty chuffed that despite now working in Media, I still have the drive and passion for the fashion world *excuse the cliche and well as loving personal style ,which is something that will never go away. 

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