Don’t you just love that Friday feeling on a bank holiday weekend? It just feels 10 times more exciting, with more possibility & no Sunday blues! It makes the week go faster and the following week just shorter! Winning all round, until you realise it is the last one the year until ….Christmas.

Yes, I said it, the dreaded word to mention when it is still technically summer - It is time to accept it. Summer as we knew it is over; with festivals, short shorts, rooftop this and outdoor that are slowly slipping away. On a more positive note, let’s look at what we have to look forward to: Christmas for one. It’s always festive and joyous with crazy amounts of food and gifts. It’s always great catching up with old friends and going to Christmas markets and winter events happening in London.  Got to love longer holiday break as we welcome in 2016. Most importantly and most pressing this September is Fashion Week! Ahhhhh.
This weekend, the last bank holiday of 2015, I set my self the aim of relaxing! Not that hard of an aim you may think but being on the go from 6am till 11pm pretty much every day, kind of gets you into this active routine of doing and not being. To come to a middle ground I kept myself active but committing myself to relaxing activities. Going swimming on Friday followed by a cheeky clean Nandos and movie night, was a lot to cram in in one night, but to my advantage it proved to be pretty chilled and relaxing night and I finally caught up with the much anticipated and realistically disappointing Magic Mike XXL! Great but not that great if you know what I mean..

Saturday consisted of the most relaxing and therapeutic yoga by the team over at Frame Fitness disrupted by lots of family and food that followed before hibernating away in the bath with a turmeric face mark while watching The Great British Bake Off - perfection! I had the pleasure of heading down to the Ace Hotel over in Shoreditch in the early hours of Sunday to attend my third Yoga session of the week, this time on the roof top overlooking the grey skies of London. Luckily, It wasn't too intense for the bank holiday and I managed to get away with a few too many child poses. To be honest my tummy was rumbling and I couldn't take my mind off the 4 course brunch that was to follow.

As we seated ourselves on a banquet of teas and coffees, fresh iced tea and beautifully crafted flower vases, the team brought round the cutest looking Bloody marys and Pina Coladas, both much much more stronger and feistier than their pretty exteriors - cheeky.
I can't even talk about the food, because the pictures of all four courses do it justice. Starting with a light peach and goats cheese curd with a topping of elderflower and seeds. course two,was a crispy duck egg with asparagus and girolles, skipping on to course 4, the best course, Strawberries, creme fraiche ice cream, almond crumb and as the brunch went on and 5 cocktails, 1 coffee, 1 ice tea & 1 herbal tea later, I WAS STUFFED. 

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