It's all the talk rn! Move over Polyvore, pinterest, Lookbook & Instagram and say hello to VERNEZ,  your answer to self-publishing in the most creative way yet. it's a snazzy, shiney new app released by apple for all the emerging fashion influences to get their teeth into. It's not just a social media platform, which offers points of purchasing, it's more than that. Vernez provides inspiring social influencers the support and platform to create, express & share content in its most desirable way. 

Despite the dwindling figures for print, it is still such a preferred reading format for many of us, including myself. Having a few coffee table mags, with those beautiful thick spines, glossy fronts and the most desired editorial pages, let's face it, in fashion, magazines will never be dead. So why not follow the format we all love to absorb content with. The mix of images, text, quotations  allll wrapped up in a ball of shoppable links, sharing options, editing features. Ok, so it may be similar to the above, but hey, its new and we are all about change.

Not only is this for the the new influence, but Vernez is also for brands to follow their product and see the journey of how that product is styled by the fashion forwards.

Have you hit the download button already?

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