With no expectations, just food at the front of my mind as usual, I made my way to Neal’s yard to visit what was the latest in the phase of porridge cafes opening up in and around London. I mean, I eat porridge every day and I do always experiment with exotic & slightly outlandish flavours, so I couldn’t help buy roll my eyes at the thought of 26 Grains.

The concept created by Hely- Hutchinson was like no other porridge I had ever tasted. There is something quite magical about how picturesque the dish looked for starters, and something very comforting about eating porridge slowly from a bowl with company in such a beautiful spot in Covent Garden. It isn’t just gloopy oats you whipped up at work to eat at your desk just to feed that boredom and hunger, these oats are clean, full of goodness and taste a dream. They could almost pass as dessert!

I went for the salted caramel Pear porridge pot that was made purely of oats, almond milk and a small amount of maple syrup, topped with sesame seeds, pistachios and a dollop of CoYo yoghurt – the dream! Without an oat left in the bowl. My friend Lauren went for a slightly fresher taste of berry compote, with hints of orange, topped with seeds and natural yogurt and I managed to finish hers too *monkey covering eyes*.  You think that’s worse but all this was followed by my breakfast consisting of 2 scrambled eggs topped with grated carrot and spring onions, with a side of peach, mozzarella and avo salad. I majorly pigged out and felt great, but to be fair I needed it to fuel my circuit session at the gym that followed, it was killer.

I wasn’t the hugest fan of the coffee as it had a very strong and bitter taste as really coffee should be, I tend to get  my usual skinny, extra hot, half shot latte, so I don’t know what I was expecting when I failed to mention my coffee requirements.  Either way it proved successful for my photos as it looked amazing served on a thick wooden coaster, separated from the almond milk.  ACE.

With their branding on point and location on the mark with the perfect outdoor setting centred in the sun trap of the famous Neal’s Yard amongst the natural and healthy scene, I have already planned my next trip back.

Anyone got any brunch faves?

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