It is officially Autumn.  The trench coat and scarves are back out; although I am pretty sure it never went in the cupboard in the first place. It was always just hovering on the side-lines of my room, reminding me how deceiving and temperamental our British weather is. I am not even sure if we can actually say we have had a summer. Apart from my holiday in July which seems like a merge to last years holiday and the odd few days of extreme sunshine, which I spent picnicking on Hampstead Heath or day drinking food festivals or just going about my normal day because I never got the memo of a last minute heat wave. Ok, now I actually get to think about it, it has actually been a pretty damn decent summer,exploring part of London, going to events and best of all spending time with my home gyals – it’s always the best. I have probably ticked off a good few bars and restaurants on my London list which is a thumbs up, but then London went and opened a whole bunch of hipster newbies on to the map to hit up.

Last week after a slightly mad City AM 10 year anniversary party on the Thursday (and much needed, I must add), I started the weekend right with a morning Yoga class at the Hoxton followed by a bit of me time and a coffee at the Attendant, the most peaceful and very scandi looking coffee shop in Shoreditch, with the best salted caramel brownie in nibble size, which I savoured for a good minute between each bite shhh..I skipped that part out to my PT.

This weekend, I majorly made the most of all the 3 little days we call a weekend.  In fact I’m on a role at the moment for productive weekends, which is usually cramming in a few gym sessions amongst my weekend errands of the post office (online shopping problems), some form of beauty therapy (cause it’s hard being a girl), weekly money hit at the health food shop for a few bits off goodness you can’t actually see and then finally getting to a bit of civilised socialising before doing it all again the next day. The next thing you know, I am waking up on Monday morning at 6:15am to do some fasted cardio.  Call me a robot!

Making the most of the last bit of summer and the lights skies, I hit up Dinerama, which my colleague has been raving on about for ages. It was great! Not a huge choice of veggie food and I wouldn’t exactly call it healthy, but  the food was amazing never the less! I started with gluten free sweet Potato noodles with roasted aubergine from @MamaWangs , followed by a shitake  mushroom and walnut steamed bun from Yum Bum. It was banging!! I could have and shouldn’t have eaten them all night! They were full of lots of flavour and textures that melted on the tongue, BEAUT! Finally, we weighed up the pro’s and con’s of ending the night with You Donuts, but I am such a sucker for the words Salted Caramel so before even thinking twice I was in the queue, my eyes fully caught of these tiny artisan donuts with salted caramel and pecan bites - I didn't look back! I am looking for the next opportunity to head back to the fest not only for the food but the whole set up was so chilled out pretty cute with all the upper deck seating and barrel fires heating up as the night goes on.

Heading over to the other side of London on the Saturday, to the village of Brixton, which I love love love! Since one of my friends got a place there and I realised how it is actually a pretty pleasant journey from North London, I would always consider it as a chilled night of fabulous food and drinks. I sound like a right fatty, but I am a real foodie and I like to think I work hard to deserve the odd night off (don't say otherwise). Starting off with my head down, nose and eyes turned off to walk past the fish markets at Brixton Village, we settled at a little creperie serving wholemeal buckwheat crepes with all sorts of fresh, healthy and very much vegetarian goodies inside with a classic fresh mint tea! The perfect beverage choice for a night of indulgence. This tea slowly turned into Prosescco (only cause there was no Pimms cider left, not being a tottie), and we made our way to the regeneration star that is Pop Brixton. The South's version of Box Park but even cooler. Endless food and drink containers of the hottest new eateries and local beers with the most random seating options on and in containers. 

DJs set up camp in one of the biggest containers for a bit of rave till the early hours, but behind all that is what seems like a maze of ramps and stairs with hidden bars and seating, getting a bit of shelter and peace from all the madness that is surrounding.

Each little pop up smelt incredible and there was so many options. If I ate meat, I would have found it impossible to choose. The best thing is to probable dabble in a dish from each place and end with sharing the deserts. Ice cream made in front of you of any flavour and the choice of sweet hot crepes are hard to say no to, so just get it all! Why not! This is now the second time I have been and I loved it more so obviously it won't be long till I make my next visit. 

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