Chanel as a brand is hugely aspirational to many people, for their highly tailored, powerful outfits that incorporate a sense of strong femininity and ultimate class.

With Lagerfelds muse's Cara and Kendall, more recently the uh-mazing Karl has made Chanel THE ultimate cool. Ok, so I still can't go out and buy my hearts desire, but  I can stream the PFW show live and only dream of being a passenger of Chanel Airlines. Truly genius I say! 

For me it's the story behind Coco Chanel that is mostly appealing. The lifestyle, the heritage, the timelessness of the brand that made this Mademoiselle Prive exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery so damn amazing. To be completely honest, it didn't really do Coco and the brands history complete justice. I was hoping for less of the big, bold & extravagant, but more of the real footage and intimate memories and designs.

Was it worth the 2 hours queue, streaming all the way down the Kings Road, ermmm yes! The adventures you come across in every room is a total delight - I never knew what was next and where the line was drawn. Anything is possible in the world of Chanel, but just to feed my desire for the more authentic side of the brand, I think i'll have to re watch the mooovieee



Its Tuesday wohoo! Monday is far gone  and we are so close to hump day Wednesday, my favourite day of course after Friday and I am psyched about zenning out at Yoga with the amazing Erika followed by a dinner date at  my new Vietnamese fave The Little Viet Kitchen.  The one thing I look forward to about a Wednesday is my little gap of heaven between work and Yoga , where I basically get to catch up on life, read the Stylist of course and get my head in deep in my latest book. 

This week, I am starting the much anticipated At liberty by Ed Burstell, managing director of Liberty London. At first I wasn't too fussed about getting my hands on the book, but after attending a book signing and Q&A at the Hoxton Holborn with the babe of a guy himself, interviewed by Evening Standard journo Kate Law. We had the pleasure of listening the wild antics and ways of Ed throughout his career both in New York and in London and how he has helped transform the retail environments of Liberty's in London of course, Bergdorfs in NYC  and a whole list of others.

It felt almost surreal to hear Ed's stories as he was growing up and how he got into the fashion world (exclusive: Watching his mother get ready and her process of putting make up on and spraying her perfume) along with the crazy stories with a bunch of his A-list friends. Oh and let's not forget that one time..while interning at the White House - so casual. I was just so used to seeing him on screen or hearing his very distinctive voice from the other side of the house as my mum watched the show all about the British store last year.

"There's no secret to buying you just pick the nice looking things"

His advice for any budding entrepreneur with super amazing products wanting to get in on the Liberty action is to be able to answer questions and have ideas on a business plans, finances, distribution, commercial aspects, resources and production. If you've got those plus a good product, you've got it!

"Sex in the city transformed the retail environment, it lifted new York until the economic crash"

In case you all wanted to know he said my name was beautiful and then I blushed and told him his name was...great too! #AWKS. He was such a nice guy! Although I'm not sure if that's just me or his over friendly, over smiling, crazy happy american self. Either way, the event was great and I basically ended up buying the book, which I had no intention of getting - so it better be good!

 I lurrve adding new books to my stacks and shelves and it makes it even better that this one is signed by the second retail king himself  Ed Burstell (after Phillip Green course). I will for sure share my thoughts on the book soon, so stay tuned people.

Watch out for a few new additions to the Liberty Brand... a restaurant? a rooftop bar? Liberty takes on a new market? a huge world wide collaboration? who knows what's next for the brand built on British Heritage, either way I cannot wait.




Do you recognise that logo? Oh yeah it is!

1959 was the beginning for Ellesse as they were established in Italy as the brand that broke the boundaries of fashion combined with sportswear. By the 80's, Ellesse hit their prime after having developed a bold logo and a strong position in the market. The brand faced some strong competition from the likes of Nike & Adidas in the 90's lowering the status of the likes of Fils, Kappa, Puma and our new found love Ellesse. So they took some major down time, pretty much disappearing from the market, aside from the odd purchase made from Sport Direct or the odd trainer on the street with the dated logo planted on the side.

Now, in 2015 they have finally resurrected themselves to suit the street & hip crowd of today and it is totally accepted as the street wear brand to be sporting right now. They have revived their original logo and made it bigger, better and bolder. The new collection is even sold on the likes of ASOS and Size. I mean who would have thought that old, 'chavy brand' from the 80's would be be raving it up with the cool kids of Brick lane and The Truman Brewery, celebrating the heritage of the brand. Certainly not me! But i'm not complaining because they have turned themselves around for the better and plus I got to to be there *big smile emoji* and it was bloody awesome.

The event was held this month as a one off East London pop-up at Number Six, The Truman Brewery in the heart of Brick Lane celebrating the 'pioneering spirit' of the brand though a screening of their short film led by four creatives from the cultural landscape of today followed by a photographic and product archive showcasing some of the original sketches for Ellesse all those many years ago. 

If street is your style and bold logos make you wild, then you should definitely check out their new capsule collection. It says the collection is for men, but that makes it even more appealing and who is checking right? Oversized is still huge for this season and pretty much hasn't left my radar.



Glasses - Boutique store in Nottingham / Trench coat - Zara/ Roll neck - Goldie London/ Jeans - Topshop / Fly Knits- Nike/ Scarf - Topshop / Back Pack - Asos

The Dublin talk isn’t over just yet, because I saved one of the best parts of my trip till last. Let me tell you how I ended up having the finest breakfast at the Dublin Google HQ (the second largest headquarters after San Fran, I might add).  After trawling through AirBnB time and time again, envious all of all the funky mezzanine apartments, exposed bricks and high ceilings in old factory warehouses and of course the most beautiful  villas in the most exotic of places, we found a cute little city apartment to rent during our stay in good old Dublin. The 3 main hosts all worked at the amazing Google HQ based less than 5 mins away from their apartment. On our first morning, as one of the hosts was getting ready for work, I waited for no-one and whipped out the question of whether it would be possible to visit the HQ as they mentioned they worked there as strategists, even if it was just a bit of stalking from the outside. To my surprise,  one of the guys said it was completely fine to visit and catch a bit of breaky while we were there, especially as it was month end all targets were met.

The building from the outside looked very la la corporate, located over two high rise buildings with a joining bridge, said to have been created because of the strong winds in Dublin – I know! The whole building from inside was naturally filled with the signature Google colours with large scale G O O G L E letters created as work or sleep stations. The building is full of cool and exciting happenings including the Google gym and swimming pool that look more like a kid’s playroom. I mean, even in the dining hall (sounds like I'm back at high school paha) you felt as though you had just walked into clown town or off onto another planet – dreamy.

So onto the best bit that was the food, think of pretty much anything you could want for breakfast because it was all there. If you tell me you are coeliac or a health freak veg like me, there was everything from dairy, non-dairy porridge with almond, soya or coconut milk. There were eggs in all forms, with breads of all types. Bagels and crepes with toppings you would only imagine having after a major hangover and even the most basic thing of water, take your pick: lemon and ginger, strawberry and mint of cucumber. And all that is just for breakfast. I don’t even want to think about dinner!

So overall, it was covered the space of an hour and a half, most of which I spent eating, but getting the insider route to Google was just amazing! So a huge thanks to our hosts for giving us a tour around, can I have a job pleaseeeee?

Unfortunately, I couldn't quite capture just how amazing the Google offices were but I will leave that to your imagination! Instead you can see my little day trip to the fishing village of Howth. Despite the sun beaming, the winds were pretty tough, so I opted for a cropped roll neck by Goldie London under my long-line trench coat in a trusted camel hue. As you may have gathered, I do always love to stick to my minimalist colour palette, but surprisingly as the year has gone on, I am slowly more accepting of some more earthy and autumnal colours and lets not forget It is all about layering up specially when you are abroad. 



I am back from what I saw as my last summer holiday before the Halloween & Christmas talk! After a four day long trip to the land of Guinness, wild pub life, shamrocks and leprechauns, I have returned to London for a manic week of wonderful work, training, events and of course catching up on some writing.

Dublin, where do I start?? I basically went with the minimal expectations and prepared for the worst weather of ice cold winds and rain and returning with a smaller version of my dads beer belly. Optimistic to the max right?

As you may have guessed already, I was pleasantly surprised. Dublin, is just a city with a great social scene and energy. Plus, the Irish culture is a whole bunch of fun and so distracting from the seriousness of London. Day drinking, singing and dancing with anyone and everyone is hard to turn down really. As I say, if you are going somewhere, you really do have to embrace it in full force. (beards, beer & and accent in place!)

Dublin really does have enough to offer for a full 4 days, which people suggested would be too long a time to spend in such a small city, but they were wrong! We found plenty to do and see and a bit too much walking for my liking. 

We visited a beautiful fishing village called Howth, an outer suburb of Dublin and only a short train ride away. Short being around 20 minutes, which felt like it was 5, merely due the the UH-mazing free wifi pretty much everywhere you go. I know I know, it is a bad habit to get into. I should have embraced the whole 'digital down time' thang, but then how would I look up the best places to go and of course keeping up with my scrolling of social feeds #sociabunny. Anyway, back to Howth, we took a long romantic walk along the dock towards the lighthouses and stopped off at the only rooftop bar in the village for a very traditional Bellini and spot of lunch.

 We covered off all the major tourist attractions, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, the fashion district of Grafton street and best of all the Guinness Store house a couple of min away from the city centre. Making our way through the tour, which was pretty interesting to be fair, we picked up a few facts about the iron rich drink. One, 67% of Guinness is exported. Two, Arthur Guinness and his wife Olivia had 21 children, 10 of which survived to adulthood. Three, The roasted barley is what gives Guinness the deep red colour which to us gives it that black look. Shall I go on? I wont! The best bit has got to be the tasting rooms, where you learn how to actually drink and enjoy a Guinness the real way. Too bad if Guinness isn't you thing, because following from that you can head up to the 7th floor for the 360 rooftop bar to enjoy your full pint, overlooking the whole of Dublin. Could you handle it?

Each evening we headed down to Grafton street to hit the bars around the south William Street and Georges Street area. There was a fab bar there called the South Williams bar, with a really chilled vibe. Not sure on the mixed match of music on a normal night but for their live music nights, it was the perfect place and atmosphere to enjoy our first set of drinks in the city before heading to Pygmalion  for a full on night of clubbing. There were a few days, we kept thing quite traditional, heading to a few local Irish pubs, full of beer and all their live Irish music glory. For a bit of an exaggerated Irish scene Temple bar is huge with all the tourists and offers pub after pub with the craziest of music. It was probably ones of my best nights. Get loose, go wild & basically don't mention you are from London. they hate that.

If you are a major foodie like me, places to dine at and coffee houses to chill in are a must for any country or city I visit. It is the first thing I do as soon as I book my flight. Sad I know, but if you are travelling with me, you will be thankful. 



Start your day right with a breakfast at KC Peaches
Stop off for a coffee at Fallon & Bryne
Sit outside and enjoy the Graften Street view from Balfes at the Westbury Hotel
Refuel for the evening at The Alchemy Juice Company
Enjoy a cocktail at The Marker Hotel, while the outfits and make up is still fresh
Enjoy a cute dinner at Saba
Late night snacks and Mojitos at pop-up Taco Taco