Glasses - Boutique store in Nottingham / Trench coat - Zara/ Roll neck - Goldie London/ Jeans - Topshop / Fly Knits- Nike/ Scarf - Topshop / Back Pack - Asos

The Dublin talk isn’t over just yet, because I saved one of the best parts of my trip till last. Let me tell you how I ended up having the finest breakfast at the Dublin Google HQ (the second largest headquarters after San Fran, I might add).  After trawling through AirBnB time and time again, envious all of all the funky mezzanine apartments, exposed bricks and high ceilings in old factory warehouses and of course the most beautiful  villas in the most exotic of places, we found a cute little city apartment to rent during our stay in good old Dublin. The 3 main hosts all worked at the amazing Google HQ based less than 5 mins away from their apartment. On our first morning, as one of the hosts was getting ready for work, I waited for no-one and whipped out the question of whether it would be possible to visit the HQ as they mentioned they worked there as strategists, even if it was just a bit of stalking from the outside. To my surprise,  one of the guys said it was completely fine to visit and catch a bit of breaky while we were there, especially as it was month end all targets were met.

The building from the outside looked very la la corporate, located over two high rise buildings with a joining bridge, said to have been created because of the strong winds in Dublin – I know! The whole building from inside was naturally filled with the signature Google colours with large scale G O O G L E letters created as work or sleep stations. The building is full of cool and exciting happenings including the Google gym and swimming pool that look more like a kid’s playroom. I mean, even in the dining hall (sounds like I'm back at high school paha) you felt as though you had just walked into clown town or off onto another planet – dreamy.

So onto the best bit that was the food, think of pretty much anything you could want for breakfast because it was all there. If you tell me you are coeliac or a health freak veg like me, there was everything from dairy, non-dairy porridge with almond, soya or coconut milk. There were eggs in all forms, with breads of all types. Bagels and crepes with toppings you would only imagine having after a major hangover and even the most basic thing of water, take your pick: lemon and ginger, strawberry and mint of cucumber. And all that is just for breakfast. I don’t even want to think about dinner!

So overall, it was covered the space of an hour and a half, most of which I spent eating, but getting the insider route to Google was just amazing! So a huge thanks to our hosts for giving us a tour around, can I have a job pleaseeeee?

Unfortunately, I couldn't quite capture just how amazing the Google offices were but I will leave that to your imagination! Instead you can see my little day trip to the fishing village of Howth. Despite the sun beaming, the winds were pretty tough, so I opted for a cropped roll neck by Goldie London under my long-line trench coat in a trusted camel hue. As you may have gathered, I do always love to stick to my minimalist colour palette, but surprisingly as the year has gone on, I am slowly more accepting of some more earthy and autumnal colours and lets not forget It is all about layering up specially when you are abroad. 

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