Do you recognise that logo? Oh yeah it is!

1959 was the beginning for Ellesse as they were established in Italy as the brand that broke the boundaries of fashion combined with sportswear. By the 80's, Ellesse hit their prime after having developed a bold logo and a strong position in the market. The brand faced some strong competition from the likes of Nike & Adidas in the 90's lowering the status of the likes of Fils, Kappa, Puma and our new found love Ellesse. So they took some major down time, pretty much disappearing from the market, aside from the odd purchase made from Sport Direct or the odd trainer on the street with the dated logo planted on the side.

Now, in 2015 they have finally resurrected themselves to suit the street & hip crowd of today and it is totally accepted as the street wear brand to be sporting right now. They have revived their original logo and made it bigger, better and bolder. The new collection is even sold on the likes of ASOS and Size. I mean who would have thought that old, 'chavy brand' from the 80's would be be raving it up with the cool kids of Brick lane and The Truman Brewery, celebrating the heritage of the brand. Certainly not me! But i'm not complaining because they have turned themselves around for the better and plus I got to to be there *big smile emoji* and it was bloody awesome.

The event was held this month as a one off East London pop-up at Number Six, The Truman Brewery in the heart of Brick Lane celebrating the 'pioneering spirit' of the brand though a screening of their short film led by four creatives from the cultural landscape of today followed by a photographic and product archive showcasing some of the original sketches for Ellesse all those many years ago. 

If street is your style and bold logos make you wild, then you should definitely check out their new capsule collection. It says the collection is for men, but that makes it even more appealing and who is checking right? Oversized is still huge for this season and pretty much hasn't left my radar.

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