Its Tuesday wohoo! Monday is far gone  and we are so close to hump day Wednesday, my favourite day of course after Friday and I am psyched about zenning out at Yoga with the amazing Erika followed by a dinner date at  my new Vietnamese fave The Little Viet Kitchen.  The one thing I look forward to about a Wednesday is my little gap of heaven between work and Yoga , where I basically get to catch up on life, read the Stylist of course and get my head in deep in my latest book. 

This week, I am starting the much anticipated At liberty by Ed Burstell, managing director of Liberty London. At first I wasn't too fussed about getting my hands on the book, but after attending a book signing and Q&A at the Hoxton Holborn with the babe of a guy himself, interviewed by Evening Standard journo Kate Law. We had the pleasure of listening the wild antics and ways of Ed throughout his career both in New York and in London and how he has helped transform the retail environments of Liberty's in London of course, Bergdorfs in NYC  and a whole list of others.

It felt almost surreal to hear Ed's stories as he was growing up and how he got into the fashion world (exclusive: Watching his mother get ready and her process of putting make up on and spraying her perfume) along with the crazy stories with a bunch of his A-list friends. Oh and let's not forget that one time..while interning at the White House - so casual. I was just so used to seeing him on screen or hearing his very distinctive voice from the other side of the house as my mum watched the show all about the British store last year.

"There's no secret to buying you just pick the nice looking things"

His advice for any budding entrepreneur with super amazing products wanting to get in on the Liberty action is to be able to answer questions and have ideas on a business plans, finances, distribution, commercial aspects, resources and production. If you've got those plus a good product, you've got it!

"Sex in the city transformed the retail environment, it lifted new York until the economic crash"

In case you all wanted to know he said my name was beautiful and then I blushed and told him his name was...great too! #AWKS. He was such a nice guy! Although I'm not sure if that's just me or his over friendly, over smiling, crazy happy american self. Either way, the event was great and I basically ended up buying the book, which I had no intention of getting - so it better be good!

 I lurrve adding new books to my stacks and shelves and it makes it even better that this one is signed by the second retail king himself  Ed Burstell (after Phillip Green course). I will for sure share my thoughts on the book soon, so stay tuned people.

Watch out for a few new additions to the Liberty Brand... a restaurant? a rooftop bar? Liberty takes on a new market? a huge world wide collaboration? who knows what's next for the brand built on British Heritage, either way I cannot wait.


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