Chanel as a brand is hugely aspirational to many people, for their highly tailored, powerful outfits that incorporate a sense of strong femininity and ultimate class.

With Lagerfelds muse's Cara and Kendall, more recently the uh-mazing Karl has made Chanel THE ultimate cool. Ok, so I still can't go out and buy my hearts desire, but  I can stream the PFW show live and only dream of being a passenger of Chanel Airlines. Truly genius I say! 

For me it's the story behind Coco Chanel that is mostly appealing. The lifestyle, the heritage, the timelessness of the brand that made this Mademoiselle Prive exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery so damn amazing. To be completely honest, it didn't really do Coco and the brands history complete justice. I was hoping for less of the big, bold & extravagant, but more of the real footage and intimate memories and designs.

Was it worth the 2 hours queue, streaming all the way down the Kings Road, ermmm yes! The adventures you come across in every room is a total delight - I never knew what was next and where the line was drawn. Anything is possible in the world of Chanel, but just to feed my desire for the more authentic side of the brand, I think i'll have to re watch the mooovieee

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