I am back from what I saw as my last summer holiday before the Halloween & Christmas talk! After a four day long trip to the land of Guinness, wild pub life, shamrocks and leprechauns, I have returned to London for a manic week of wonderful work, training, events and of course catching up on some writing.

Dublin, where do I start?? I basically went with the minimal expectations and prepared for the worst weather of ice cold winds and rain and returning with a smaller version of my dads beer belly. Optimistic to the max right?

As you may have guessed already, I was pleasantly surprised. Dublin, is just a city with a great social scene and energy. Plus, the Irish culture is a whole bunch of fun and so distracting from the seriousness of London. Day drinking, singing and dancing with anyone and everyone is hard to turn down really. As I say, if you are going somewhere, you really do have to embrace it in full force. (beards, beer & and accent in place!)

Dublin really does have enough to offer for a full 4 days, which people suggested would be too long a time to spend in such a small city, but they were wrong! We found plenty to do and see and a bit too much walking for my liking. 

We visited a beautiful fishing village called Howth, an outer suburb of Dublin and only a short train ride away. Short being around 20 minutes, which felt like it was 5, merely due the the UH-mazing free wifi pretty much everywhere you go. I know I know, it is a bad habit to get into. I should have embraced the whole 'digital down time' thang, but then how would I look up the best places to go and of course keeping up with my scrolling of social feeds #sociabunny. Anyway, back to Howth, we took a long romantic walk along the dock towards the lighthouses and stopped off at the only rooftop bar in the village for a very traditional Bellini and spot of lunch.

 We covered off all the major tourist attractions, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, the fashion district of Grafton street and best of all the Guinness Store house a couple of min away from the city centre. Making our way through the tour, which was pretty interesting to be fair, we picked up a few facts about the iron rich drink. One, 67% of Guinness is exported. Two, Arthur Guinness and his wife Olivia had 21 children, 10 of which survived to adulthood. Three, The roasted barley is what gives Guinness the deep red colour which to us gives it that black look. Shall I go on? I wont! The best bit has got to be the tasting rooms, where you learn how to actually drink and enjoy a Guinness the real way. Too bad if Guinness isn't you thing, because following from that you can head up to the 7th floor for the 360 rooftop bar to enjoy your full pint, overlooking the whole of Dublin. Could you handle it?

Each evening we headed down to Grafton street to hit the bars around the south William Street and Georges Street area. There was a fab bar there called the South Williams bar, with a really chilled vibe. Not sure on the mixed match of music on a normal night but for their live music nights, it was the perfect place and atmosphere to enjoy our first set of drinks in the city before heading to Pygmalion  for a full on night of clubbing. There were a few days, we kept thing quite traditional, heading to a few local Irish pubs, full of beer and all their live Irish music glory. For a bit of an exaggerated Irish scene Temple bar is huge with all the tourists and offers pub after pub with the craziest of music. It was probably ones of my best nights. Get loose, go wild & basically don't mention you are from London. they hate that.

If you are a major foodie like me, places to dine at and coffee houses to chill in are a must for any country or city I visit. It is the first thing I do as soon as I book my flight. Sad I know, but if you are travelling with me, you will be thankful. 



Start your day right with a breakfast at KC Peaches
Stop off for a coffee at Fallon & Bryne
Sit outside and enjoy the Graften Street view from Balfes at the Westbury Hotel
Refuel for the evening at The Alchemy Juice Company
Enjoy a cocktail at The Marker Hotel, while the outfits and make up is still fresh
Enjoy a cute dinner at Saba
Late night snacks and Mojitos at pop-up Taco Taco

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