You know when you imagine what life would be like jetting around from country to country, city to city & ideally from New York to Paris during fashion week - gahh the dream. You think how much you want to be that person looking super sleek and put together all the time and how gratifying it would be. Well my reality just came to a head. Not in the form of travelling between beautiful cities and countries as I might imagine my self doing, but more so running for a train from Kings Cross St Pancras to catch the next train to Nottingham at 6:30 in the morning and back again the same night arriving at the house at 10:30pm ready to eat, unpack and prepare for the next day – a different job, different city, in London. Soooo, not as glamorous as one would imagine, but then again could it ever be with that journey to the East Midlands – no offence.  

What am I doing you may ask?? Basically, I am assisting in a module of Fashion Marketing and Branding with second year students at Nottingham Trent University (the university and course I did, in case you didn’t know) on their marketing strategy module.

Ok, so I make it sound bloody horrendous, but aside from that awful feeling of arriving at Kings Cross knowing the trip is over and still having to get home with that suitcase, laptop & unpack everything, and then be chirpy the next day at work is my lowest of low. The Job itself is pretty rewarding though. Spending time with dedicated students, with that youthful buzz to succeed after graduating. That was me 3 years ago... and I love it! 

Not only that, but luckily the past two sessions I have had in Nottingham have been over two days, meaning an overnight hotel stay and lots of exploring of the city I once knew. Oh and let's not forget the lonely dinners for one *monkey covering eyes emoji*. 

That said, I am not going to complain about my amazing breakfasts at The Pudding Pantry topped by the best cheeky white chocolate mocha to start my day right! I am always tempted by the fluffy pancakes, but haven't quite plucked up the courage to let myself have them. Although, I say that but only last week I found out that my so called 'healthy' 'clean' breakfast of scrambled eggs tasted so damn good because of the added cream! Now that I wasn't expecting.

Over the last few weeks I have spotted a few more spots I wanted to check out but my new find and ultimate cheat spot is Annie's Burger Shack. THE most insane menu and crazies of burgers I have ever seen ( I say as a vegetarian but i am pretty sure anyone would agree). My go to coffee shop has always been and I think will continue to be Lee Rosy's Tea. The raw yet homely designed tea house in the middle of the Lace Market or Rough Trade and the yummiest bagels! Either way everyone needs a mid day pick me up so coffee and tea houses are seriously important.

On top of all that, last week I treated myself to a cheeky deep tissue massage at The Beauty  Temple and they really do live up too that royal service they promise. It was a much much needed treat after the hours I have spent on trains and upright in that L position working on my desk, so this was exactly what I needed! 

So that has been my life this past month and I still have another two weeks to go! 

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