In search of the weird and wonderful as always, I finally got the time to visit the much anticipated Tom Dixon's Multiplex in partnership with Wallpaper magazine and welcomed by Selfridges at the Old Selfridges Hotel. For a long-standing department store, Selfridges really does know how to nail a campaign and with that, a collaboration. 

They take the idea of a campaign to its fullest, with the a multi-sensory experience, encompassing a range of online and offline communication and best of all, the events, workshops and talks by industry leaders. They then recreate a concept store holding an exclusive range of products relating to the campaign idea. Previously, they have toyed with the idea of beauty with 'The Beauty Project', showed their support to women and reclaiming lunch breaks with the 'Work It' campaign and even created the Festival of Imagination, inviting a whole world of highly techy designs and concepts.

This Autumn, Tom Dixon, contemporary lighting designer and Wallpaper magazine have joined forces to create the mother of all department stores, The Multiplex. Named the 'department store of tomorrow', the floor plan is divided by fashion, art, beauty, interiors etc but as you can see in the photos above each section within the space has been conceptualised to really appreciate and enjoy the product on display. 

I have got to say, the product selection hit the mark, especially with a broad range of Clerkenwell merch which I love anyway, featuring my new favourite handbag designer Olive Cooper. The quality, design and materials of each product on offer seems to have undergone some tight quality control and specifications, that make them all very much suited to a certain audience - me included.

Just for the pleasantries of the experience it is worth a look at and to see what our future John Lewis or Selfridges could look like too. If you are in the mood for a little down time from the manic rush of Oxford Street, there is a cute little Abigail's cafe and an independent Gelato stand within the space than you can munch on one of the most amazing tripple chocolate cookies and a cwaaffee over a spot of blogging.

Has anyone else been to the Multiplex?

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