It's is always the best feeling towards the end of the year where you can get in the festive spirit of Christmas. The phase in between longing for summer and getting festive for Christmas can be the worst. You feel utterly lost and slightly confused with which way the weather is turning. Autumnal fashion may be the best, but only because everyone else's minds are now freed up from holidays but not ready to start thinking about the Christmas chaos, so they turn to Fashion! Jumpers and sunglasses with that all too familier over the shoulder jacket and a peep of ankle. Love it!

Then in Winter, things start to change. Everything is starting run down and in fact your body starts to feel as though it is slowly giving up and we're all just craving for that 1 week off. in Autumn we longed for the early nights snuggled up with a blanket, Christmas movie and hot chocolate in the run up to Christmas but every year it fails and something or someone interrupts that perfectly planned yet so simple night of NOTHINGNESS. You await the first day of advent and the day the Christmas trees goes up at work for that Christmas spirit to just automatically bounce into place, but it doesn't always work like that... Until now! I am past the winter wonderland phase, and almost over the typical Christmas market..I said almost! Now its all about the ski lodge.  There are always lots of things going on in and around London to get into the all too cliche Christmas spirit. 

This year I have so so man chalet slash Lodge type pop ups and food festivals creeping up around the city filled with stalls, hot chocolate, mulled cider, Fondue and just that more natural Aspen type welcome to Christmas than the garish Americanised blow up santa type of thing.

I travelled the full northern line from Edgware to Clapham to visit Jimmy's pop up, The Lodge. Last year it was recreated as a secret garden, this year its another Chalet about the Clapham North pub. As you walk in, it hits you. Not because of the freezing cold temperatures, but more so the other way round with the heat and the feeling of being in a small space with hot food with lots of people - just perfect. 

To describe it, unfortunately cute is the best word that comes to mind - awful I know! Dark and woody, warm and festive are the main vibes and then there's the foooooood. Nothing better that getting the little piece of bread lost in a phat bowel of cheese *drooool* = Fondue, sipping on my mulled cider! 

There are so many more I am hearing about daily, the updated Dinerama, The Nighttales, York and Albany, The South Pole Saloon...

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