Once in a while we have to learn to step out of our comfort zone and into the world of the fearful unknown.  For me at school it used to be the moment when the teacher asked you to read a chapter of a book. At university it was that whole public speaking slash presentation giving we were forced into doing. Now, for me writing seems to be my next nightmare.  Whether it is 140 characters on twitter, an email negotiating prices or a blog posts as I am doing now. It honestly implants a sort of block in my brain, making me procrastinate till I have no choice and question each and every word. And for anyone that is a regular in receiving my wonderful texts, you know how awful my typing and spelling is. I call it the decoding game...

So, with knowledge of my new found fear, I have risen to the challenge of overcoming it - as any empowering, confident and success driven individual would do - yes, that is me, so I keep telling myself. I decided to take the plunge and sign up for a writing workshop with Monkfeet, who host some great workshops and classes for start-ups or for individuals looking to better their skill in areas such as marketing, gaining investors or coding courses.

The space my workshop was hosted in was great as you can see from the images above, a really collaborative and creative environment! I am all work collaborative spaces and work stations that support entrepreneurs, not that I can say I am one of them, but it is always nice to know I am making a change in myself, you know?

So, I cam away maybe not learning as much as I would of liked but I absorbed a lot of information and it made me more aware of the power of words. Whether anything has changed for me, I highly doubt it - but this is the start! 

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