To add to the festivites in London, a couple of weeks ago I popped down to the Queen Of Hoxton's Wig Wam Bam otherwise known for its famous rooftop and home to the Rooftop Cinema Club in the summer and Wig Wam Bam in the winter. Although I missed last years Tee Pee bonanza, going a year later it has been revamped to a better version i'd say. 

After you have made your way up what seems like 10 flights of stairs to never never land, you enter the space though an oversized keyhole and into a woodland teepee made up of large tree trunks as stools with cute tealight jars placed on each table covered in vintage lace table cloths. In the central part of the teepee and new to this year is a hand made wooden tree with a short and very small winding stair case leading to a higher view space for around 3 people to watch over the happenings of the below level, intimate and slightly claustrophobic I might add. 

On the other side of what is essentially a tent is the rest of the roof top furnished with all things Alice in Wonderland to embellish the idea of an other worldly adventure. I love love love all this experiential stuff, it gets me all excited and child like and all I wanted to do was take pictures of everything to document my little journey. Unfortunately visiting in the dark with the dimmest and yellowest of lightly meant I captured the most awful photos. On a positive: It means you can experience it all for yourself with no teasers #winning.

The best part of it all for me has got to be the fact that they served a veg friendly burger that WASN'T portobello mushroom! Major shock! Instead I was kindly served with what they called a 'Magic Bean Burger' made up of  Sweet potato, peas, fresh herbs and tomato chutney with a side of wintergreens. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the fact I was ravenous and cold becuase it was just beaut! That with an all time classic hot winter cocktail called The Golden Apple. A gingerbread and apple mix with rum! insanely sweet but amazing!

Wig Wam, it was a pleasure!

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