Weekday nights can be hard! One brain channel follows on from education, that Monday to Friday is a school night or in this case work night and you should do your 'homework' and get an early night. My more prominent brain channel keeps telling me what I know so well that we should make every day significant and memorable and that we only live once so why not and go wild over a leather purse making class hey?

So on a Tuesday night my main man and myself joined Luxury bag designer KUKU for an evening of wine, leather and late night sewing I can officially say I have a new found respect for designers and hand made products. I could only take a couple of hours sewing what is now my amazing little leather purse, so I couldn't imagine doing that all day everyday. I went home feeling exhausted, frustrated and in a lot of pain but after getting over my self pitty, I walked away a proud women owning my personalised luxury coin and card holder, working that clean line, monochrome look! 

It was a great to meet such wonderful people from all walks of life, sipping on a glass of red, whilst attempting to hand sew through leather - try it, it's hard! So huge thank you to KUKU and to the Hoxton at the new Holborn hotel for a skill infused workshop and one thing ticked of my list of things to do this year. 

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