What better way to send off Christmas than with a final bit of overindulgence, immersing myself in my last chalet style dining experience of 2015. As we welcome in the new year it's heads down for me to reign back in that diet and level of fitness I once had. I like to start the year all refreshed and revitalised, a few words that you will probably be hating right now. I'll be kicking back with lots of movies, box sets and catching up with Serial, the podcast everyone has been raving on about, while I cut out my daemons called Alcohol and Sugar.

So far it has been a great start, 5 days back at work with 3 litres of water a day, no sugar, no drinking and some major clean eating going on with help from 2 of my colleague who have decided to jump on the bandwagon and sign up to the body coach. Ok so the 'lean' talk can get slightly monotonous, but I am grateful  have people to keep me on track and grounded, so I'm not riding solo as a I wean back off SUGARRRR!

So back to my last and one of my favourite meals of 2015, I took a second trip back up to Forest on the Roof at Selfridge's making my way through all those sales shoppers, frantically buying anything and everything. It felt like that scene in mean girls, you know the one where Cady visualises the school canteen as a bunch of animals at the zoo?...yeah that one! I had to stop my eye gaze over the MAC counter, stop my hands from picking up that Moschino Mirror phone case as 1, I don't have an iPhone and 2, becuase it was only £10, an absolute bargain!

After making it up the fancy lift and in the serenity of the forest and chic chalet style with a slight breeze from the wind outside, it was like heaven! I am a sucker for rooftops of any kind or style in any and every country I visit - it's a given. Topped with my meal of the day, breakfast! A stilton cheese fondue followed by Poached eggs and a  smashed avocado crumpet. I mean, I could have sat there for hours eating a load more  and just taking it all in, but unfortunately I was all cheesed out and physically needed to walk before I just burst. The aesthetic on this day was so unusual with such a chill to the air and beaming sun, it was hard to imagine we were in the middle of London let alone in Selfridges. If you haven’t already been, it is severely picture worthy with amazing food! Go take a look!

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