I am very grateful for my job being based in one of the best areas of London. Shoreditch/Old Street and the whole of East London is pretty much a constant change of excitingness. New bars, pop up shops and an unlimited supply of culinary experiences in unexpected streets of Shoreditch.

Working in Shoreditch and spending my weekends there too can be amazing to really get to know the best places in the area and visit all the restaurants and bars I didn’t get the chance to in the week. But It can be a nightmare to get home from and to travel back to the ghettos of North London for 45mins, so when given the opportunity to visit  my fave The Hoxton Hotel and cosy up in one of the Hotxon concept rooms, how could I say no!

In the style of an urban country cottage, the room was painted a fiery red with a combination of vintage 70’s furnishing and futuristic raw metal. A cylinder glass tube for a shower in the centre of the room, an infinity bed  dressed with a quilted picnic throw, a vintage luggage trunk for a cupboard how I could I dare to leave this dream?? Room service, a wide screen tv, endless teas and coffees and to top it all off I had Christmas Movies on repeat. In my element! 

Oh and let's not forget me sporting my new fancy Skagen watch; my first and only Black Friday purchase of the year. I have had my eyes on this for two years now, trying to avoid all Larsson & Jennings and Daniel Wellington watches, so my wrist feels bloody good and finally complete to have those sleek lines, thin straps and a face so beautiful. I have never really been a watch person aside from my vintage Casios (now selling on my Depop: sklbuys) and now I am obsessed! My eyes are set on all watches out there...8)

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