Ok, so for one of the most stressful weeks ever, I managed to take one evening off to do something so so me, but have no expectations or even a location for that matter. I heard about the pop-up tree house in South Bank, but no where online did it say where it was hidden. A real guessing game!

So after a tiresome and draining Thursday, I opted to visit the tree house over going home to sit, chill and catch up on some reading and TV. Got to say, it was the best decision I made all week. It lifted my spirits, took me somewhere weird and wonderful, which is always a delight and reminded me of the things I loved, in the city I loved and that everything was always going to be ok. just funny it took a trip to a tree house to realise. 

So, what is it and why is it there you wonder? Well, thanks to the people of Virgin and the magical creative agencies, we were exposed to the tree house to #DreamBigger by Virgin Holidsys promoting their experiential luxe holidays and what better way to do that by opening up an pop up in the middle of south bank overlooking the best of London with a cute woodland bar beneath the cosiest, most luxurious bedroom and lounging area.

2 super lucky couples entered the competition online to win a night at the tree house with dinner provided by a Michelin chef and an evening of wondrous adventures inside this fun filled space. This is my all time dream! I wanted one as a kid, I still want one now as the ultimate escape from life. UH-MAZING.

Unfortunately, the pop-up was only a three day event, but what an experience!

It's why I love advertising! Anything is possible!



I have almost completed my first 'Your Tea' experience after falling in love with the branding and packaging I found on Instagram. I opted to go for the Skin Magic Tea as it was the only tea that I felt was different to anything else on the market and plus I read some super positive reviews. I can't say my natural complexion is anyway near perfect and is something that has always been an issue for me despite my seriously increased water intake, lack of over greesy over salty foods and prevention of refined sugar. 

I worked out it is an unfortunate hormone imbalance and reaction to stress, I needed to find a way of managing. So I started taking the teas twice a day but found it difficult with my constant eating battles to find a food free half an hour to drink my teas. Coming towards the end of my pretty little box, I have worked out the perfect time. I drink my first tea on my way to work while on the train and reading to keep me hydrated before breakfast. The second tea usually comes in somewhere between lunch and afternoon snack at 3:30, or just before I leave work. 

The taste... now, mixed reviews here.I am a huge herbal tea drinker, but this is more of an earthy taste, with a very strange, almost medicated after taste. It isn't bad at all and also not the nicest tea I have ever tried but it will suffice if I know it is doing something to better me.

I can't say I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance, but there is a general smoothness to the skin, which allows my make-up to sit more smoothly and last through out the day. I would like to day it had a difference to the appearance of blemishes, but it hasn't made it significantly apparent. I have however, upped my intake of water from 2litres to 4 on training days, which would naturally make a difference, plus I have kept to a very strict and simple skin regime both in the morning and evening with regular face masks with my new favourite skin care brand Rodial, so it is hard to tell really. Unlike my experience with Boo Tea, this definitely is a more positive move and I will be purchasing my second round of the tea for another 6 weeks

Has anyone else tried Your Tea?


 Aloe Vera, Liquorice Root, Lotus Seed Heart, Jasmine, Chinese Red Tea, Bai Xian Pi

How many?

60 Tea Bags 


cystic pimples
hormonal skin
uneven skin tone
assisting digestion