Rodial Super Food Cleanser
So after months of pinning over the sophisticated and scientific benefits of the Rodial Collection, I finally went in a bought the product I had been recommended by a number of people. Available in Selfidges with a few products sold on Asos, the Rodial Superfood cleanser has been a game changer for me. To be completely honest, I cannot visually see signs of the benefits, but before bed or after long day of travelling underground, the cleanser has such a smooth, think and luxurious consistency, like a heavy cream to rub in circular motions all over your face and neck for a deep cleanse. If you are feeling particularly lazy, it works really well as a make-up remover as well and the smell is a dream. The product is a very generous size that will last forever and comes with a very handy muslin cloth to put under warm water and wipe away the product.

Muslin cloths have been talk of the beauty industry recently as a more natural exfoliater , moving away from micro beads and harsh scrubs that actually can make flare ups and redness worse and can just be too rough for the delicate and sensitive skin on your your face. This product leaves your skin actually clean and free of all make-up and chemicals, super super soft and with a feeling like you have just had a facial. It also adds moistures that is needed to hydrate your skin at night, which is when your face has the most time to restore and renew.
If you are not convinced yet, you could always go a purchase the mini Rodial Superfood set that comes with the full range of products that are perfect for travelling and to test of the products yourself.

Super Acids – x-treme Acid Rush Peel
Next up from the same brand (serious loving for Rodial at the moment) is the Super Acid Rush Peel , which sounds toxic and slightly too harsh for your cosy night in watching a bit of Bridget Jones and munching on popcorn right? but, this has got to be one of the lightest most efficient peels I have ever used. It may be more commonly used as an anti ageing mask, but it is never too early to start using anti ageing products after you hit 21 as they are mostly preventative. It definitely brightens and resurfaces the skin to leave an even base with a youthful glow, so how can you complain.

Kiels Avocado Eye Cream
I bought this again and will probably keep buying it till I finally decide to succumb to the fact I am slowly ageing to need to actually invest in a proper eye cream, but for now, when late nights, stressful work and general tiredness are a regular occurrence, this rich and creamy Avocado Eye Cream makes the perfect product to restore life and colour back to my eyes. It doesn't visually remove dark circles or bags (I leave that to my foundation), but adds moisture with its natural Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Beta-Carotene. To be completely honest, I find this product a bit of a novelty as it doesn’t seem to add anything significant to my eyes apart from overnight moisture and with the feeling that it brightens and reduces my sleep eyes in the morning. So, for hefty £20 for a tiny pot, I am pretty to sure I can find a cream of better value and results.

Rituals, Yogi Flow foaming shower foam
Rituals has gift written all over it. It’s not something I would choose to buy for daily use, but makes the perfect gift for someone, to add a bit of luxury into their lives. When I was offered the chance to purchase a small scale version of the Indian Rose and Sweet Almond shower foam, I couldn't say no as this would make showering at the gym after an early morning session a tad bit more relaxing and elegant. The texture is so so smooth on the skin you just want to sit in a bath of the stuff and re-enact the Herbal Essence advert... after a rather sweaty and strenuous gym session it leaves your skin ultra smooth, relaxed and smelling great. Could you ask for anything better from your shower wash? 

Philosophy, Purity 2 in one face wash
I have written about this product before and I have stuck by it for nearly two years because it is the perfect daily cleanser. The thing that I find so great is that it comes in such varying sizes to accommodate your needs; gym bag, holiday, stocking up on the big stuff and the size for 'I got no moneys, but still don't want to give up my style of life' situation. I used to use my face cleansers as an in shower ritual, which this works great for, but on certain days when I have more time or would like a deeper cleanse after the gym, I tend to dry wash my face with the cleanser, adding a tiny bit of water to allow it to form a foam like consistency and I massage it in for about 30 seconds in circular motions. I finish off by giving my face a lukewarm rinse using my hands or sometimes my muslin cloth before I pat it dry. 3 things to note: Always pat dry, to reduce irritation to delicate skin, secondly, wash in circular motions because it feels great and massages the skin, getting deep into the pores and thirdly, rinse off with lukewarm water. Too hot and your face will go red, too cold and that's just not nice.

Anyone used these products before or have any recommendations?